• Is he worth investment due to being back in training or do you think his price is too high already at £3.19 please??

  • @NewUser249258 For me he's already too high given he never looked like much of a dividend returner before he got injured and he has increased in price massively since then, but the index is a very different place to when I started a year ago so I'd say he could go in either direction really. Helpful I know! ;)

  • @NewUser249258

    Not until he proves both his fitness & ability remain unaffected by what by all reports was a dreadful injury. Not to say he won't still rise but highly risky as he won't be back to his best before next season if ever.

  • Liverpool seem to be doing ok without him !! Would he get into the team currently ? I don't think so. It seems a bit steep for a player who at best will be on the bench for the near future

  • I think he's going to struggle - like Shaqiri and Keita have - to get 90 minutes unless there are a number of injuries, and he may not be back to full effectiveness for a while/ever. He's a bad type of player for FI as the scoring matrix doesn't value driving runs past players, and assists aren't very highly rewarded either (assuming a long term hold). One to avoid for me.

  • Being an Arsenal fan, I would never put money on the Oxe. I liked him, full of potential, but ruined by injuries. Couldn't believe we got decent money in the sale. I'll be amazed if he ever makes it through a whole season. A better bet would be to tell the bookies his knee will go again within 6 months.
    Would you invest in Wilshere?

  • Overprice d for someone who won't start

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