Selling - instant sell vs market

  • Hi there
    I'm quite new and struggling to get head around instant sell vs market sell. Instant sell seems to mean you lose a big chunk of your gains but market sell doesn't seem to work - e.g. nothing happens...

    When do do each what actually happens? Where are the market sales listed for people to buy?

    Thanks in advance!

  • With instant sell you sell to FI which acts as market maker

    With market sell you have to wait for a trader to come in and buy that future which may take a while and it could take longer if you're queued behind other market sell orders

    IME market sell sometimes works if you can afford to be patient and there is some demand for the player

    If the player is tanking instant sell is probably the best bet

  • @Dave-C thanks Dave!

  • Ideally what you want is to sell a player to market who is still rising but about to reach his peak (basically a player who people are buying).

    Once a player is dipping, it can be hard to sell to market.

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