How high can Neymar go!?

  • Been watching Neymar go up almost hourly...when do you think any major holders will take the profit? Will he really go to £20 +?

  • 100% he can get to and beyond £20.

    Someone in another thread recently said "when buying shares atm weigh up what a player will be worth after the share split"

    Neymar at £20 =

    Share Split of 2 = £10.00.
    Share Split of 3 = £6.66.
    Share Split of 4 = £5.00.

    New users coming in and seeing Neymar as the most expensive player and still 'only' £10 at worst will be far more tempted to jump on. Personally, seeing how his Media points rack up even when there's no news, as well as seeing his PB score the other night I would be all over Neymar at £20 if I could afford another FI Deposit.

  • Depends on the growth of the platform. No reason why he can’t hit £30, £40, £50....

  • @Westy

    I suspect that major holders in Neymar take profit on a regular basis, by selling some of their futures via the sell queue.

    But as there are more buyers than sellers, it will go largely unnoticed and his price is likely to keep creeping up long term.

    I bought Neymar at £8.50 then sold via the queue when he hit £15, because I (wrongly) thought that £15 was more or less his ceiling. I've since bought back into him at £19 and will be sticking with him for at least another couple of years (serious injury aside).

    If he moves to Real Madrid (or who knows maybe Man Utd) one day, his PB may suffer a bit from playing in a more competitive league, but his MB could improve from being at a more media-obsessed club. All in all, whether he stays at PSG or leaves for Real Madrid, I don't see any significant harm to his share price.

  • As Misto pointed out in another thread, if there hadn't been the 4 way split a couple years ago, Neymar would now be £79. That’s shows not only how he’s grown but also illustrates the growth potential of all players on FI.

  • Hes made the £20 mark just now...didn't take long!

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