ROI and Initial Investment

  • Hi,

    I have been doing my research and think im finally ready to start trading. But im interested to see what your opinions are on the below

    1- What sort of ROI (%) would you realistically be looking to make on monthly and yearly basis?

    2- At the minute i pay into a investment through my bank, but god that boring!!! So looking to stop that and use FI as my investment platform. Possibly looking to start with a £250...£300 and then adding £50...£100 per month into my portfolio. So not great amount of money but it should increase quite nicely over time. For my first buys i was thinking of the below:

    Neymar x 2
    Pogba x 2
    Mbappe x 3
    Rashford x 5
    Kane x 5
    Vinicus x 5
    Sancho x 5
    Grealish - Im a villa fan for all my sins but think when he is back from injury and with potential transfer in the summer may have some increase.

    What you think of these and what would change if it was yourself starting with this amount of deposit?

    Thanks for reading.

  • Good choices them, mate. Vinicius is a bit of a risk, as I think his value might drop soon due to the hype effect, but it should then recover over time.

    I’d personally throw in a couple of surefire PB winners like Kimmich or Thiago too.

  • ROI is completely up to you what target you set and how much time you want to put into FI. Me personally I aim for 10% a month, with the intention that after 1 year, I will be looking at 100%-120% profit. But I can log on a couple times a day to see my port and make time to research for players weeks in advance etc...

  • cant argue with your choices. You might look at some lower priced players to spread your port a bit

    Grealish needs to move to a prem team (that wont be you for a few years!) but Villa seem to be asking too much...…. in fact the entire Villa squad is probably worth a fiver !! lol

  • I have a similar model to you as far as regular deposits go (I add £250 a month).

    Difficult to work out your yearly return with this approach of course, but anywhere between 5% and 10% a month is very achievable, especially with the imminent share split, and would be a healthy 60%+ over a year.

    Portfolio split looks solid, although I am not sold on Mbappe as he doesn't yield many dividends for his price. That £40+ could buy you a few Luis Murial, Luka Jovic, Alassane Plea, Nicolas Pepe etc etc. (for transparency, I hold 2 of these).

  • Thanks for your replies. :-)

  • @Boing-Boing Your not far wrong with the whole villa squad at the minute haha. I was thinking that come the summer that transfer price will be lower and he would be allowed to leave after giving us another season.

  • If you make 4-5% a month you will double your money at the end of the year. That should be everyone’s aim.

    Obviously making 4% of £200 is a lot easier than making 4% of £20,000 as you are dealing with a smaller amount of futures and it’s easily to sell and move them around.

    Your picks look solid though and are a lot better than my first buys!

  • @Wilba Thanks.

    Just been looking through a few of the younger players maybe looking to grab a couple and seeing where they end up in the summer etc...

  • @Tom-G said in ROI and Initial Investment:

    @Wilba Thanks.

    Just been looking through a few of the younger players maybe looking to grab a couple and seeing where they end up in the summer etc...

    Always good to look at players who are over performing in an average side or fringe players in the top clubs who may move to other top clubs

  • @lotsofgoats Thanks much appreciated

    Will defo look into the Mbappe change.

  • @Boing-Boing
    I think he will be in a premier league team next season . He usually looks like the best player on the pitch when he is fit and being played in the right position.
    He’ll be 24 , he nearly went last season.
    I don’t think he is likely to be wanting to hang around playing in a mid table championship team for another season.

  • @Advinculas-Index that's my thoughts on him as well. I believe he must of had an agreement with the club that if he stays and we don't go up they will let him go and not price him out of a move.

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