Most value in the top 10 players.....

  • Just thought I would get an insight as to who people think will increase the most over the next few months whether the share split happens or not?

    Do people think everyone is going to grow once the share split happens and it's a pretty low risk, high reward investment on all of these right now?

  • @JoshM

    In a word, yes.

    But I doubt that the post-share split world will suddenly produce huge growth. I see it being a period of boom prior to the split, followed by relative calm immediately after the split and then steady growth as prices start to rise again.

  • I agree with most of what @ocs123 has said.
    The risks in the top 10 for me are Ronaldo who is getting to an age where a serious injury could devalue him considerably (not to mention the potential court case), and possibly Hazard too. Look at the effect that a transfer to Barcelona has had on Coutinho. If Hazard does move in the summer it could mean less Media coverage, therefore lower dividends and a drop in value.
    That being said, there is a reason the top 10 are the highest value players on the index, and by and large they will be still be high values in 12, 18 and probably 24 months time too.

    Edit: this video shows graphs after the last share split. Initially, slow growth followed by significant rises over a 10 - 12 month period...

  • If hazard went to madrid would he be a higher price than a isco/bale/kroos, I Dont see why he would, I think he is the most overpriced player on the index, thats just my opinion.

    His price spiked massively with the speculation and then he scored a hatrick it was like he perfect storm.

  • @ocs123 I can't see there being "Calm" immediately after the SS. I think there will be a lot of excitement over the new cheap prices and all logic will go out the window and new starters and others small fish (like myself) will love to have a flutter on some of the top 10 players as soon as they are affordable. Divs reducing i don't think will have a major effect as people are buying "prospects" right now at crazy prices and some who aren't even in PB leagues!!

  • @Tom77

    Hazard is an interesting one as for the majority of this season he has been played in a position that negatively impacts his PB scores and last year under Conte a similar thing happened so if:

    A. Higuaín arrives and he moves back to his favoured position his performances and PB scores will increase and so will his price

    B. If he moves to Madrid and they play him in his best position and dominate games like they should then again his PB scores could be huge.

    Difficult to compare to Coutinho as he was already achieving high scores and the focal point of his team in his best position.

    Yes Hazard could initially fall but whats to say he does not bloom and win trophies and awards.

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