Shown profit margin

  • Hi guys, new here only been dabbling for a few days. I have however traded shares and done spread sports betting, all of those show your profit based on the current sell price, not as here, on the price you paid.
    In reality as soon as you purchase shares in a player you’re already losing but Football Index choose to show your balance at zero where you are possibly 50p down per share.
    In my mind this leads to people wrongly perceiving their positions (s) and overall profitability.
    I fully understand this market is massively volatile but surely your margin should be shown on sell prices rather than cost.
    Not here for a moan as I totally love this concept, I’d just like a little more realism for those who think they are 5% up where they are actually possibly in a losing position.

  • Welcome to the forum, the selling price you are referring to is only the instant sell price.

    If you sell to market your potentially selling at the buy price if you’re clever about it.

    Hope this helps

  • If you chose to market sell you are selling at the current buy price minus 2% commision. However market selling will require you to have more patience

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