Duvan Zapata

  • What’s your thoughts on Zapata reports showed West Ham were after him a few days back, price has slightly dropped since yesterday, keep hold or cut my losses and sell the shares I have ?

  • You currently hold the hottest striker in Europe and if he keeps scoring his price will definitely rise further just need to be patient.

  • When did you buy and why did you buy?

  • @TheSleepingGiant only bought him Saturday partly due to his scoring record and the media news with the West Ham link, I’m still getting my head around the index as I only signed up friday, seems to be a few players that are up and down all the while.

  • @Thedave Was it your plan to sell after a few days? Has anything changed since you invested? If the answer is no to both questions then you should be holding. You need to ask yourself these questions continually with your players to help yourself when and when not to sell.

    You are not always going to buy a player right at the bottom and watch him continually rise. Get used to seeing a bit of red and back your judgement and be patient and then you will see green.

  • @TheSleepingGiant thanks for the advice, I think I’ve been partly looking at it as a get rich quick setup but after looking at the index and reading bits and pieces on line think I need to look at the long term project and go with my judgement

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