Average futures, how many players, highest futures, lowest futures?

  • 14 players, total futures 3297, average 257.
    Largest hold (740) Vardy, Lowest hold (30) Kimmich

  • Hi, recommend to go for a quality in shears not quantity ;]

  • I have an eclectic portfolio I'm pleased with, need to mix it up a bit but agree, more action and fun at top end.

  • @Feldy ...its not about action and fun mate only profit and £££ :] Can I ask you why do you hold 740 shares in Vardy - thats about £800 ??

  • Vardy is an interesting one, if you have bought recently it’s strange timing for G&A with Leicester’s next few games. Hope it works out though.

    Kimmich is a great hold, I have 30-35 players and I try and hold a similar amount of futures in all players so my profit and loss isn’t dictated by one or two players, obviously finds are a restricting factor

  • @Feldy

    My mean share amount is just over 20 shares.

    My highest is 41 in Hannes Wolf (Salzburg 19-year-old).

    My lowest is 9 in Harry Kane (you’ve probably already heard of him).

  • @Wilba I just think he's hugely undervalued, possibility of a transfer this window and also a possibility of Puel being sacked, just think compared to others he's cheap, I'm losing a few pence a share atm but am sure this will rectify itself shortly, also hold Drinkwater for same reasons.

  • 70 players
    Average 100 shares ish
    Most in Myron Boadu 500 Dutch kid
    Least in Ruben Neves

  • 24 players
    2199 futures (OCD issue)
    530 in David Otto
    3 in Kingsley Coman (don’t ask me why?)

  • 24 Players Total
    4760 Futures Total
    204 Average Futures per player Total
    960 Largest Hold - Paqueta
    20 Lowest Hold - Higuain

  • 24 players
    4625 futures
    Highest - 1200 in Amine Gouiri
    Lowest - 25 in Kane, Sancho & Mbappe

  • 97 Players Total
    1759 Futures Total
    18 Average Futures per player Total
    55 largest Hold - Ezatolahi
    3 Lowest Hold - Mahrez

  • 8 Players - 582 futures

    Highest - Martin Odegaard 118
    Lowest - Joao Felix -23

  • 13 Players Total
    906 Futures Total
    70 Average Futures per player Total
    200 Largest Hold - Ighalo
    30 Lowest Hold - Kane

    But the majority of my portfolio is exactly 60 futures (OCD perfect) in each of the following players: Neymar, Pogba, Salah, Bale, Rodriguez, Diangana, Varane, Mina and Roofe.

    I also hold 36 futures in Jovic (OCD very bad) and 100 in Puncheon (OCD ok).

  • 69 players(60 in top 200)
    2775 futures - cost €11,667
    40 futures average per player
    Largest - 100 in Salah/Brooks/Matondo/Wilson/Ampadu(yes I'm Welsh!)
    Lowest - 25 shares in 37 different players

  • 22 players (6 of which I hold 1 share to keep track)
    Biggest hold 30 in rash and martial
    210 futures

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