Do i have a right to be angry ???

  • First I want to say this is not a topic to get attention in a positive or negative way...

    Ok so here we go, how the hell can FI still be accepting any kind of trading on Sala ??

    If this was my decision I'd have suspended everything, yes everything as soon as I knew the situation, we cannot be sitting here and making or losing money on a person that is possibly dead 😭

    I'm genuinely angry right now, this was such a simple decision for FI, suspend everything... then if it's confirmed that he's no longer with us, just pay back the traders what they've paid minus 2%.. and if they lose money then so be it, I'm sure that they'll recover that money long long long before the family of Sala will recover from their loss 😔

    Please please please if you have anything negative to say regarding this then send me a PM 😔

  • @Andy-M I 100% agree. By leaving him still open to selling means FI profit from this terrible news.

  • I disagree - I think FI have done the right thing with regards to this awful tragedy.

  • @NewUser184462 eloborate please. As they’ve done nothing...... unless that is your point. I understand that it will be in the terms and conditions etc. I guess what’s hard to take is that it’s a life and to make money out of that death is what feels awful.

  • Did the same with the other player a while back. Astori I think.

  • Its pretty cold to be keeping him open and making money off commission. At the very least suspend trading on just sala. Im always finding random players cant be instant sold so no excuse really. They know he is probably dead, yet havent even made an announcement that trading is suspended on him. Such sad news.

  • What can they do?

    If they close people would be giving out they can’t sell their shares - I think they’re being quite generous still offering instant sell (or they were until recently not sure if they still are)

    Unfortunately the value of a future in this poor guy is zero - that’s what we’re trading

  • @NewUser184462 you think they would let the entire platform instant sell pogba if his plane went missing and he was feared dead? I guarantee they would be suspending pogba to stop instant selling as that would damage their product. They did it for ronaldos rape stories if i recall, so why one rule for an elite player but not astori or sala.

  • @Finlay77

    It would be interesting how it would be handled.

    The rape stories are different as it temporary not a forever problem like this poor man

  • @NewUser184462 imagine an entire team crash like that Brazilian team a couple years ago. What would they do? Ive read the haunting last text messages he sent to his friends saying plane making weird noises, looks like its going to fall apart and that he was scared. Just heart breaking what they must have gone through. Why didnt he fly commercial? I see alot of pipers flying over plymouth and dartmoor and they always look like they are struggling in wind and flapping around like birds. They have never looked safe enough for me to ever contemplate getting in a small plane like that. id have took a commercial flight. Just so savage and sad

  • It's gambling. If you get on the guy and he died then you lose your bet. it's tragic for the family but I'm not here s family. I guess no-one here is.

    Bottom line, apparently they've stopped letting anyone buying Sala shares. All I see here is "research before you buy" but suddenly people are forgetting that. If anybody buys futures in a player suspected dead, that's on them.

    There's no morals here. It's money. People get burnt by pump and dumpers every day. It's not morally right but if I'd Googled "Eric Davis" I wouldn't have got burnt and neither would have you.

  • @Andy-M

    I hear what you're saying Andy, a horrible and sad situation that no one wants to be talking about but it is not so simple in my eyes for FI. Where do you draw the line? As someone mentioned in a previous post, would FI have needed to repay Muamba shares or Ryan Mason shares or is that not serious enough? How about a similar situation to Michael Schumacher? Just about serious enough? Or Chapacoense or Munich like disaster do FI pay back all money for all these players or is that too many? Everyone's opinions will differ in this which is why I think FI were right to steer clear of creating any drama either way which was left for people posting on the forum to do so.

    Let's say I put a bet on Cardiff to stay up yesterday, do Bet365 give me my stake back as the parameters have changed. You say FI should refund the purchase price. I was actually down 30p on Sala, I would therefore be making money back if they did that which seems unreasonable. When I heard the news I didn't expect anything back and just accepted that I wouldn't see that money again.

    In my case I tried IS which was suspended so I put my shares up for sale. Weirdly these were purchased by people.

  • @Martino wow to people buying them, I wonder if they are unaware.
    I wasn't aware of the suspension on IS, I'm sure the people that want to IS are also angry, the more i sit and think about this, the more everything seems wrong, it should be fastest to get to the news, first to get to sell.
    Let's hope for a miracle 🙌

  • On a side note and it has been kinda mentioned further up but does anyone else find it weird that the club chose to fly their record signing in that sort of plane, in those conditions? The game has never been richer and the guy says the plane looked like it was going to fall apart.

  • I don't know what people are expecting from FI here. Do people think that FI have a duty to act super morally responsible because some like to think of it as a small company ran by a few nice guys?

    It's a multi million pound gambling company and like all gambling companies they will only care about the profit.

    There seems to be a bit of a weird thing between punters and FI where some think we are all buddies and that FI are some cuddly teddy bear that we can all love and get along with. It's a gambling business, same as betfair, same as William hill. They are not our friends and their number 1 priority is maximising profits.

    However they handle the Sala situation, even if they handle it shockingly badly, is anyone going to sell up their portfolio and quit FI in protest? No,are you Eck, so let them get on with it and accept that they will do whatever is in their interest.

  • @Static I totally appreciate your's and everyone else's opinion, but they don't need to rip people off mate, and if they say they change the spread to stop peoplepanicking then that's bull, the traders have the right to panic and sell, the screenshot below is embarrassing imo, either suspend completely or leave it alone.

    0_1548229094486_Screenshot_20190123-083452_Samsung Internet.jpg

  • @Andy-M 😴

  • @CLACKETT said in Do i have a right to be angry ???:

    @Andy-M 😴

    Haha does that mean I'm getting boring ?? 😂

  • @Andy-M like I said, unless you are willing to quit the platform in protest I don't see how anyone can take the moral high ground on this one. You think it's shocking how it's handled and it's made you angry and it's embarrassing yet you will still give them your money.

  • This may be a unpopular opinion, but I think FI should be cut some slack here. They are inbetween a rock and a hard place. Leaving the market open they will get criticised like they are now. If they suspended that market on Sala before a official announcement regarding Sala's death they will get criticism they are taking away people choice to trade and he ins't even confirmed dead yet. I really doubt the little bit a commission they are making even remotely factors into their decision.

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