How much to invest

  • Im new to football index, singed up last friday So far I have around £400 in, and up by 8%.
    Firstly is this growth normal, or due to an increase of new members, and prices increasing rapidly?
    Secondly, I dont have much to invest, maybe £40/50 a week max. Am I better off saving my money untill after the share split, when prices will be cheaper with certain players inevitably continue to increase in value, or continue to slowly increase my portfolio regardless?
    Thanks in advance for any input!

  • @NewUser249161 buy solid players befor the split. Because once they are cheaper everyone will want to buy them so to maximise your portfolio growth buy befor the split.

  • Growth is regular, but there are periods where it stagnates and maybe little drops. But overall it goes up.

    The mood of the forum changes, everyone is on a high at the mo, but a few months ago it was a little different. We are very fickle, as traders we need to keep the mood good on here to keep the newer people happy. We are probably our own worst enemies.

  • 8% in 5 days is fairly high I think, even in FI. Well done!

    Out of curiosity who did you invest in?

  • @NewUser237880
    Thought as much, I think I got lucky on martial, he is the one i have most futures in, and hes increased by £1.37
    Also have rashford, dybala, sancho, mbappe, higuain, harry wilson, ampadu, bergwijn, lookman, timothy weah.
    Couple of the players on red but im holding them for longterm, and will get rid of higuain once i think he has peaked.

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