Whats happening

  • Has something been announced, prices are going through the roof!!! Pog and neymar hit 18 and 20 today. And to think people wanted a share split because they couldnt afford the big boys!

  • @Finlay77 shhhhhhhhhhh. We all want the share split. Don’t we. ????

  • Gabriel Jesus has risen nearly £1 today as well. Could get used to this 😆

  • Can only hope with all these price rises FI chose to up dividends when the split happens. £5 for a 1p pb win seems a bit tight and they are making a fortune now!!!

  • @Thatguy they cant split and up divs at the same time mate, they will raise dividends probably 9-12 months after

  • They could raise G@A that would put a spanner in the works.....

  • I’d imagine it’s a result of new people joining the index and general prep for the share split .

    I’m seeing adverts for the index quite regularly on the tv/twitter etc now and of course the regular talksport slot is going to get more people to sign up. More people = more money in the platform

  • @Finlay77 said in Whats happening:

    @Thatguy they cant split and up divs at the same time mate, they will raise dividends probably 9-12 months after

    Why can't they ?

    If they wanted to double dividends they could do a 4 way share split but halve dividends (so in real terms they are doubled).

    There are loads of permutations. You could split 10 ways and just divide dividends by 5. Whatever they wanted.

    Ideally they would completely restructure dividends with a decent rise and no decimals. Don't think anyone wants 1.25p per media win.

    They probably won't increase but they could if they wanted.

  • @mike778

    They could, yeah. Problem is, they want growth to be steady. A massive boom, which a share split plus dividend rise plus our current rate of new users would produce, would lead to unrealistic expectations. History tells us when things boom too quickly they often crash after, for exactly this reason. Better for us and them to spread it out a bit more.

    Agree that a small amount of adjustment to avoid the 1.25p dividend issue could be beneficial, but we'll see. Honestly, I hope they leave any significant change to dividends for the future, for the long term sustainability of the platform.

  • @Willie-Mink Lots of ways to fix the 1.25p that won't cost FI any extra money. From FI's point of view still pay daily and round up any points of a pence to the nearest whole pence or better yet for them change the match day pay outs to weekly and then round up.

  • My thinking for yesterday's extraordinary green day is we're fast approaching "most" people's pay day. As result, people might have some more disposable income left "lying around" that they can pump into FI.

    My g/f is a Teaching Assistant and she actually got paid yesterday, so perhaps some people are spending a portion of their wages already too? I think we could be in for a few cracking days/a week or so.

    I know my second deposit to FI will be made almost immediately after I get paid.

  • @LukeMalla For me its mainly the share split that is driving prices up as everyone expects a price boom when the likes of Neymar drop to £5 or whatever. Try January has helped also and we may get a backlash when this is over and people cash out, although I don't think this will affect the index much as it's small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. The transfer window is also spicing things up.

  • @Weedster Oh yes, undoubtedly Try Jan and the impending SS are massive factors on the FI Boom that is currently happening. The TalkSport spots and increased advertising too (it was listening to TalkSport that actually alerted me to FI in the first place).

    This January boom is far more weighted towards the above factors than anything else. 100%.

    However, I still think as people's pay days arrive on their monthly/4-weekly cycle there will be mini-booms. I've read countless threads of newbies (like me) coming in and getting hooked, but also being sensible with their deposits.

  • @mike778 i think they will have to split the year hold dividends but i cant see any reason they cant leave the 30 day hold dividends as they are as you cant just sit on them and reap the rewards long term

  • @LukeMalla I argee. Weekly pay day little drips, bi weekly little bigger. Than monthly pay day that tend to be towards the end of the months, those people will put in 4 times what the weekly people do, because they are getting a months pay. I'm monthly and planning another £1000 once I get paided.

  • Im hoping they might change the media dividend to make all players eligible not just the top 200. If they do that theres a few players i might pick up

  • @Black-wolf I'm still not a fan of the g/a dividends mainly due to the 30 day hold stipulation, so I just regard it as a bonus although it does influence me if I'm buying players and the difference is whether they have more chance of g/a returns. As more of a long term trader I don't trade that often but must admit that it boils me a bit when I see one of my players score and know I won't get g/a cos I've held him too long.

  • @Black-wolf Cheap players (<£1) would never beat those golden boys, who already on top of the existing list. But, agree with you that extending the top 200 to top 300, 400, or 500 would make sense and stimulate traders to invest more on "medium - low" price players. A way of diversifying and sustainable growth of FI.

  • @Victory yeah but theres a few keepers that would maybe win mb from time to time if the did. Ederson, allison and de gea would turn into good holds

  • @Weedster i dont bother with g&a either but it does affect long term growth

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