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  • Hi guys I joined yesterday and it says I have a + x amount under the dividend column. I know that this figure has come from certain players increasing in price, however would this figure only be earnt if I sold them? Just as I’ve also read that a dividend is paid every 24 hours or something like that

  • The dividends are paid directly into your account balance ready to invest or withdraw. The dividend column is just a guide for you to see how much youve won.

  • @Black-wolf how often are the dividends paid in?

  • @Noony17 Q- What is G&A / IPD?
    G&A/IPD (Goals & Assists/In Play Dividends) are paid out weekly.
    For the first 30 days that you own a share, the following In-Play Dividends are payable:

    2p per Goal for a Forward or Midfielder
    3p per Goal by a Defender or Goalkeeper
    1p per Assist by any position
    2p for a Starting Goalkeeper Clean Sheet over the full game
    Payouts are made weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday for matches played during the previous week and before midnight on that Monday. Payouts will be accompanied by an email detailing the dividends paid for each Match Day. Traders must hold a share until midnight on the day of any In-Play Dividend event.

    Q-Why are different amounts paid on different days?
    A- It all depends on how many matches are being played. If there are no games eligible for PB then MB will be 8p, 5p and 2p. However, if the day has PB eligible games, it's reduced to one space of 5p for the winner.
    PB payouts are staged based on how many games are played on that day, usually the highest at Weekends and European cup competitions.

    Pay outs for match day dividends are paid around 2.00am every day. I still need to write a full PB section, but have a read here: https://forums.footballindex.co.uk/topic/5017/all-things-football-index

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