Concerns with transparency

  • If all that was transparent and we were able to access a trading pier to pier (think betfair) then we could grab a bargain at a lower player price whilst the seller off loads for profit, funds or because he simply doesn’t want that player anymore. We should also see how far into a queue we are and make educated decisions based on this information, (retract the sale and quickly do an instant sale since the market sell could take ages and his value could indeed fall lower than the original quick sell in the first place) but my guess is the latter isn’t being dealt with honestly as it could be by FI
    It’s like the deposit/withdraw facilities. Instant when you plough money into them and then 5days to see it hit your account when withdrawing. Why 5 days. Because like banks, they are investing our money in stocks and shares before they finally feel like giving it back to us.
    I have reduced my portfolio value from £18k to £12k since my concerns are beginning to outweigh my initial feeling to seek an educated punt. I’ve also recently found out (yes niavety) that all shares expire to £0 after 3 years. Wtf!

  • yes, this has been something which I have raised previously to Adam and the team and I guess it requires a minimum level of liquidity and traders to be fully effective as a similar exchange - otherwise you end up with a market like the score cast markets in betfair rather than the markets you get for the champion hurdle etc etc !!

    Hopefully as FI get more well known and gets the license to open up in the lucrative Asian markets this may happen ?? in the mean time, definitely sensible to have adjusted your portfolio accordingly.....good luck trading !

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