Gareth bale

  • What’s people’s thoughts on him seen he is at 5.79 at the minute, been as high as 8.11. Take it people just don’t want to take the risk with him constantly getting injured? Personally don’t own any but with the quality he has and if he can get a good run of games he will surely get back to where he was. And if his form does pick up the whole media world link him with every prem team there is.

  • Seems he can't win over there - scored in three CL finals? Scores world's as well as high profile goals, yet always seems like they are looking for someone more marketable to replace him i.e. Latino/Brazilian

    He is still a star player - a move back to EPL would = $$$

  • I think he could lower definitely one to watch for Mb in the summer.

  • Ramos significantly down too ...PB MB man injured ❓

  • Bale is finished.. simple as

  • @NewUser77681 I invested in him. He just needs to play uninterrupted for a few months and all will be good. Otherwise I transfer out to Premiership or another PB will see him rise again.

  • @Rick im sorry totally disagree just needs to regain his fitness and move to a team that suits his style of play.

    how many players get written off so easy .

  • Agreed ,

    Even if he isn’t the same player - a move back to England would be enough in footballindex terms for a price surge

  • @NewUser162109 in terms of FI I think it’s a worthless hold, but hey It’s just an opinion.. invest in him you may be right, and I don’t see him
    Leaving Madrid any time soon there is always transfer rumours around the guy but nothing ever happens.. the guy scored the winning goals in the champions league final and he’s price still didn’t really rocket

  • @Rick

    Fair point - without transfer happening I agree on his minimal value. If it happens then there’s money to be made but it totally depends on a transfer to England

  • Was looking at him yesterday and then decided against investing, he seems to be always injured and not doing that well when playing, rumours about a move back to the PL or a few goals/performances could cause a spike but I went against the having to sit and wait in hope one of the above happens

  • Turning 30 this summer, constantly injured and any increase hinges on a transfer back to England. It's risky but the reward could be nice if it happens, I suppose the question is; Is the risk worth taking?

    Which clubs in England would actually want him, considering the points above and the wages/fee he'd demand?

    Don't think City, Liverpool or Chelsea would be interested, Arsenal would certainly not happen so that leaves Spurs/United. Could Spurs afford him with them moving into a new stadium? Unlikely & I think the Bale to United ship has sailed now, they'll be looking for younger options, especially after seeing how little impact Sanchez has had so far.

  • I think that Hazard to Real Madrid is very likely in the Summer (sorry any Chelsea fans), particularly now that Sarri has slated Hazard so publicly.

    It wouldn't surprise me if Real try to use Bale as a make weight in the Hazard deal or if Bale gets fed up with the bad press he receives in Spain and decides to come back to England.

    I'm holding Bale until the Summer to see how things play out.

  • @Rick His price did shoot up by about a £. Up to mid £7. I remember because I was thinking whether to invest but opted not to. Worst mistake. Now he is coming down I am slowly putting into him when I can.

  • Can't see him ending his career in Spain, seems like he'd move back home at some point unless of course China set their minds on him.

  • I think Bale's next career move will be back to the Premier League. If Madrid want rid of him they are only going to be able to get so much back for him. I wouldn't bet against a £35-£40m move to United or Spurs. If you can keep Bale fit, even at that price he's going to be a great signing for anyone.

  • We will see a large rise in summer lots of transfer rumours as R madrid rebuild .

  • @Dan-The-Man no chance

  • Bale on the rise now, due to be linked with Spurs/United.

    How high do people think his price will rise if the transfer gets completed?

  • @NewUser162799 The way this market is christ knows🤔

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