Selling/buying process advice please.

  • I have some questions about the whole selling/buying process if anyone cared to help.

    So right now I have 2 shares in Joao Mario I have put up for sale at 87p on the market. They have been on sale for over a day now. What do I need to wait for till they sell and might they sit there forever? If they were to go up to 88p, could I take them off the market at 87p and put them back on for 88p?

    When I go to buy a share on the IOS App I get the option to "Accept Price Movement" however this option doesn't appear on the website. Can someone explain this to me?

    As you will probably guess I am pretty new to all of this so any help would be very much appreciated.

  • @DaBla27 when you sell to the market you essentially join a selling queue - don't take him off or you go to the back of the queue!!!! You will shuffle forward in the queue as new investors buy him and when you're at the front the next buyer takes your units for whatever his price is then. It could be up from 87p if there's a sudden demand to buy him or it could be down if more people join the sell queue or instant sell him. Presumably as he's a new IPO instant sell won't be available yet. Can't help with the app question as it's still only available on Apple :-/

  • @NewUser78072 Thanks mate appreciate the response. Think I might start a new thread with the IOS question to see if anyone else can help.

  • Related to this, there seems to be a much longer wait to sell players these days. I had Kane up for sale and after three days took him off as his price had moved down quite a bit. I've now got a couple of others up to sell (top players) and been there for a day now. Pretty sure not long ago these type of players usually sold within a few hours. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • @Denny Well my Joao Mario shares are still up for sale and his price has dropped right down to 79p. Been trying to sell them since Friday. What's best to do here?? Keep him on the market and accept the hit or take him off and hope he goes up in price then try and sell again?

  • @DaBla27 Unfortunately it probably means that the instant sell is now available. If you're happy accepting the instant sell price then do that. If not you can keep him up for sale and wait until he gets bought or final option return him to your portfolio and wait for his price to rise. Unfortunately as he's not getting much game time it could be a while, but then again he could get linked to a move to the prem and shoot up...

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