What should I do?

  • Hi guys, I have 20 neymars, 50 rashfords and 40 dembeles and a few quid in futures. I have made £70 in the last 2 weeks. Do you think I should stick with what I have or put more into one of the players above? Thanks in advance

  • @NewUser240335
    Hi, for me neither from options you are talking about is right IMO - spread the risk and diversity your port!!
    So reduce shares in Rashford and Dembele and add Pogba - MB monster, some in shares like Kimmich, Griezman, Timo - PB proven players and some cheaper option in £2-£5 basket for capital appreciation ! Good luck;]

  • @Mundek beat me to it. Exactly this diversity.

  • @NewUser240335 yea that’s exactly what I was thinking, so get maybe 15 pogs?

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