In Play Dividends query

  • Started trading this month and hooked already....

    Received an email yesterday confirming in play dividends for Ousmane Dembele scoring on the weekend.

    Subsequently realised that Harry Wilson has scored and assisted twice since I invested in him. I have not received any in play dividends for him to date and am wondering if there is a reason I am unaware of (i.e. Not top flight)?

  • @NewUser229782 Not in a qualifying league. Please do read the rules before you invest lots of money - it could save you a lot money in the long run.

  • @Hotspur OK thanks for clarifying. Don't worry I'm not over doing it! Hopefully his value will continue to rise and be in the Premier league next season.

  • @NewUser229782 he could prove to be a good buy in time, but you may need to be patient. Stay off that IS button 😊

  • It's pretty scary how many people play and don't understand the rules.

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