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  • Hi everyone, I’m currently using the football index app on my phone. I’ve noticed that the trending list is only 5 players, in the short time I’ve been trading I’ve noticed that it’s hard to jump onto a big riser before its hit its peak. Is there any advice anyone could give in order to track price increases slightly earlier. Catching a player in the 5 spot in trending has only resulted in a minimal increase

  • Dont buy from the risers list. When you do its always too late. You are far better off trying to follow as much football news as you can or watching games to spit the next riser before it happens


    These are predominantly a scam, where big hitters buy shed loads of cheap Iranian and Panamanian no marks, which shunts the price up loads and inexperienced users see it and foolishly buy in (thinking they are onto a sure fire thing). When enough people are conned into buying and the share price has moved up enough, the big hitter withdraws his/her money as quick as possible (minimal spreads on cheap players so IS is just as good as market sell) and everyone else is left with big losses as the price crashes.

    We've all been conned at some point

  • Perfect guys, appreciate the advice

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