What is your strategy for realising profit (withdrawing it as cold hard cash)?

  • I put in £1500 so far in deposits of £500 over the space of almost 3 weeks.
    My port is currently at £2065 - happy days … £565 up is great. Except that's just port value.
    A lot of my green players, if I were to actually sell, taking commission and the likelihood of getting 'buy value' from the market… would break even or slight loss
    The one player I have that could make credible returns @ todays market is Ighalo 54 shares bought at 47p, current sell is 86/83p and just a 2p commission per share, leaves me 34p profit per share if I IS = £18.36 profit
    Do people tend to withdraw, or just reinvest in other players? My concern of consistently reinvesting is no one will ever be profitable in terms of cash on a given day i.e. if I put that £18 on 1x mbappe@ £15.53 I need that share to go up a lot before I make even a penny from it.
    Feels like putting £1 on every number on the roulette wheel except 0…and keep winning and putting the extra £1 on another number than 0 …eventually the green goblin will win.
    But if I withdraw £18 when I'm £1500 deep seems small fry. And, Neymar injury not withstanding, theoretically I'm making big returns on my money, as long as growth continues.
    When do you decide to actually take some cash out instead of reinvesting the winnings?

  • @Vespasian32

    Depends on your overall FI strategy & your need for the money. I tend to buy & hold as I believe that FI will grow in the short/medium term, so will ride that wave for the foreseeable future. Within my portfolio I do however have some short term punts that I cash profits to reinvest. Like you I bought some Ighalo @60 & sold half when he hit 100 but rebought again @75 as I believe he may well fly, depending on where he ends up. Currently I would only withdraw cash if I urgently needed it as i believe holding players will return a strong growth on capital, almost irrespective of which players you hold.

    However only invest money which you are prepared to lose because as unlikely as it may seem currently FI is a gamble & not a one way bet.

  • @Vespasian32 nice returns on your 3 weeks mate, well done!

    I think this depends on how long you think FI will make better returns that other options. For me, this is miles better than any savings account, shares, hedge funds etc that are out there currently and in my opinion will be for at least 2 years due to expansion into new markets. Therefore I've got a goal and a plan to quadruple my investment in that 2 years, and will then look to take out the money I put in - effectively leaving me playing with 'free money'. If and when the market starts decreasing with no prospect of a recovery, I'll take my money and run but until then I'm leaving all the profit in to increase returns if that makes sense?

  • @Vespasian32 football index is paying for my loft conversion later in the year so i will be extracting some cash at that point. Until then i will be adding to the pile

  • @Noirx4 Nice. Always good when you can see what your profits have got you, instead of being numbers on a screen. I took £6000 out back in November to pay for my 2019 holiday.

  • Ok thanks for responses.
    Greed is good, i'll wait for him to hit £1 again and reinvest... should get me 3-4 Griezmann or some of that low swinging fruit in the Bundesliga.

  • @Noirx4 how much, what date and can you let me know who your selling before you do it?? 😂😂

  • @Vespasian32
    Hi, I recommend to use that money to reinvest in the same way like you did with Ighalo - spot cheap player to rise and sell with any profit! And then repeat action, and again and again... In few months you will be buying for £100s one player / players and profit will be bigger then that!
    Buying 3 Griezman or 1 Mbappe like you said nothing will change so keeping some money just for flipping is one of my strategy apart from diversity long term plan!

  • If I have a player in lots of green i will sell some shares to market and buy another player and theory they will go up and also win me G@a as a bonus.
    If you have players in lots of green especially just a few the reality is they could drop and you never release the profit.
    I have learned the hard way, i brought Rashford when Zlatan got injured and made maybe about £700 in a few days and I kept him to long, united brought Lukaku and eventually i just about broke even on Rashford !.

    I always use that example in my head and skimm profits and re-invest.

  • @Mundek hard to spot though, Ighalo is a player I'm familiar with and had a little flirt in the transfer gossip columns.
    I have BT so watch quite a lot of the Bundesliga, I am currently trying to get the players coming back from injury i.e. Forsberg to see if I can make decent gains that way. Hold 20 of him @ 1.28 could do with a goal this weekend to remind people who he is.

    Any tips? What do you think of guys like Dodi Lukebakio? Ondrej Duda? Alasane Plea? Seb Haller?
    Can any of them catch the guys like Timo and Jovic?

  • I just take bits as and when i want them, had a couple of decent holidays last year including spending money, rather than take from bank savings or from my wages i just sell up a few of my futures to cover however much i want at the time... personally i wouldnt sell up to leave the money in a bank savings account as i think its still got plenty of time to grow in here but as stated above its still a risk and depends on your own circumstances

  • @Vespasian32

    First pls check my post from yesterday because it should help ;]

    Anyway, buying players coming bck from injury is another good strategy on FI and you should add that to your plan in long / short term because you will make profit on that for sure (specially now when ppl dont bother or forgot about that kind of players- dont wanna say easy money but...)!!
    Another thing always think ahead/few step forward - ex. check fixtures for at lest nxt week or find out what ppl will do and try react before that , ex try buy striker or good players for G&A after weekend when ppl dumped them so you will buy cheap and then sell to the market when the same ppl will buy them bck for nxt game - look on Vardy graph and you understand what I mean!!
    Very important thing is CL/EL - as well you can make money here - few players who dropped and they will play in 2 weeks time so they will rise and you can grap G&A on top of that ( ex Andre Silva) ...
    From players you mentioned IMO nobody will reach the same level like Timo/Jovic but it dosnt mean that there is no money to make. Duda had really impresive start of the season and hit £2 ish , was £1.40 few days ago, already rising so ppl think the same ...Timing is essential so another very important thing on FI, I would like to add Rebic there ;] Both Rebic&Haller still in EL - and that trio with Jovic are in good position with Eintracht to get far in competition...
    The beauty of FI is that there is so many ways to make money, hope it help ;] good luck

  • @Ringers 😂😂 i doubt i will even make a dent even if i took my whole portfolio out. Only own a max 300 shares in any one player. So don't worry

  • @Mundek I've tried buying Silva a few times last week and he doesn't appear in my searches... only time I can buy is if I see it go by on the ticker and I am quick enough to click. But last time I saw him go by I didn't have any funds available and don't want to get in the habit of adding more deposits on a whim.

    tried in top 200 and squad market... searched by Andre/Silva abd whole name...

    I got stung by the Vardy thing on day 1 of investing so yes I know what to look for there and maybe exact some revenge (albeit on some poor sucker that did nothing to me).

    Edit: just logged in via Edge browser and can see Silva. this whole platform seems a bit unstable in terms of difference on phone vs pc or browser to browser!

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