Kazaiah Sterling - Likely to get minutes tonight???

  • With further injuries such as Deli Alli and Fernando Llorente's poor performance in Tottenham's last game do you think Sterling will be called upon? I don't see they have too many other options other than him to bring on if things aren't going there way?
    His price has dropped slightly in the last few days so I think im going to take a chance. Worst case I hold and he should make a good mid term investment.

  • I got on him earlier in the week but with more of a view of the Crystal Palace game than tonight.

  • Stand back - I can answer this one for you lads.....

    Ahem, (clears throat) "No"

    Right, I'll be off. 👍

  • I think that at the current price of 1.73 he is a 'safe bet' in that he is only 20 and has lots of time, even if he doesn't get or take his chance this time around. He should only go as low as say 1.50 at worst, unless something goes totally tits up, whilst having the potential and opportunity to be a top 200 player within the next week at the same time. Seems like a decent buy to me

  • Didn't even make the bench in a team without Kane, Son or Ali.

    Think it's fair to say he ain't getting a game at Spurs. ⚽

  • Potentially, although they're playing a decent Chelsea side tonight. Got Palace on Sunday and I'm guessing they'll roll him out for that instead

  • @GregF I just can't see it Greg - with the best will in the world.

    They are 3 attackers down and he's not even making the bench. He is 20 & yet to score a senior goal in professional football.

    They was drawing 1-1 with Fulham on Sunday & looking to push for the win. The manager subs Lamela on 79mins & looks to his bench...

    Sterling is primed like a peacock... Poch looks him up & down & brings on Eric Dier. 🤔

    Doesn't fill you with confidence does it?

    At £1.64 there are much better buys around. 👍

  • If Tottenham don't score tonight he will need to replace Llorente for Sunday. I'm hanging on a bit longer I think

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