Top 200 Relegation

  • I still read lots of bits of information that if a player drops out of the top 200 you lose your bet? Also that people vote players in? I have been on the platform for around a month now and haven't seen anything about this. Is this something F.I. has now got rid of?

  • @NewUser206240 this hasn't existed for a year its from when there were only 200 players on the index. Now there are over 2000

  • @NewUser206240

    Only those players in the top 200 are eligible for MB dividends, purely based on the top 200 most expensive players, revised automatically every day (around lunchtime dividend cut off time I believe). All futures are valid for 3 years irrespective of a players price.

  • @Noirx4 Thanks I thought this was the case but when you google there are still lots of F.I. articles all saying this. I thought that they were out of date but thank you for clearing this up!

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