All Time/7 day/24hr figures

  • Hi All

    Only a few weeks in, and enjoying and learning a lot from the community, so thanks.

    I have a question I haven’t been able to find mentioned.

    Are the % figures accurate? They seem off to me. Is this a known thing or am I reading it wrong?


  • @LaneyNights I believe it's based on the cost of your portfolio rather than deposits.

    So if you deposit £100 and through buying, selling and reinvesting your dividends you build a portfolio that cost £110 to buy.

    If the value was now £130 then it will show a portfolio profit of £20. Your actual profit from deposits would be £30.

    But of course bear in mind if you had to sell your whole portfolio you would never realise that profit. It's just a vanity thing for the Twitter back slappers creaming each other off.

  • @Allams-Out Good to know, it’s not really clearly explained anywhere, so thanks.

  • @LaneyNights Yeah most of us will have had the same question. It's still a quick and easy indicator if how your portfolio is performing.

    I would say, as a minimum, you would want to keep track of your deposits to more accurately track how you're performing.

  • @LaneyNights if u go on the actual website (not a app) you can see your actual profit. Press “account” then “transaction history” and then take your “portfolio” cost and minus it by “net deposits”. That will give u a more accurate idea of profit made. So if your portfolio is £10k and your net deposits is £6k, your profit will be £4K.

  • @Valhalla thanks, I actually started using website last night after looking into this more. I’m on IOS and the app UI/performance could do with a bit of work!

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