Rafael Leao still good value?

  • I'm considering investing in Leao even though his price has risen over £1 in the last few weeks.

    I was close to investing at around the £2 mark a few weeks ago but ended up going for Kamano at £2.26 at the time.

    Kicking myself now as Leao looks to be a great prospect at just 19 scoring 4 goals in his last 5 games, although still a risk as he hasn't scored many goals overall but he looks like a player that's going to kick on from here.

    Seems like he's price will still go up quite a bit if he can keep scoring even if not as frequently as his last 5 games. Thoughts?

  • Well how i view every single player now is the following. He is around the £3 mark today. After the share split he could be 75p. Do you see him at least doubling in price within 9 months?

  • @Finlay77 quite easily I would say. Seems like a good investment, it's juts that I was so close to buying at £2 a few weeks ago and I only invest £40 per week at the moment.
    I need to start taking share split into account when buying, thanks!

  • Still good value I reckon. 19 yr old starting and scoring regularly for a team in form, previous Man City links etc. Has risen yes but still looks a bargain compared to other young players who aren’t getting game time yet.

  • @BlayneB no problem mate!

  • @Indexical seems like a forward klopp would buy as firmino back up and develop him considerably

  • def still good value at £3!

  • @Indexical that was my line of thought 👍

  • Hi,
    I was on him long time ago and sold with nice profit, then he dropped to around £1.80 and I bought again and sold with nice profit and now I'll buy again because I agree with that what ppl said above 😎
    Don't forget that Lille is on second position in Ligue 1 so very very possible CL nxt season so striker for 80p ish after SS...
    As well something on top of that, have a look on his team mate Jonathan Bamba - after Pepe transfer to bigger club (if happen of course , IMO it will because many clubs sniffing around) he will be main player nxt to R. LEAO :)

  • @Mundek yea I was looking at Bamba a while back I'll check him out again, he was on my watch list until it disapeared so I'll follow him on onefootball and keep an eye on him.

  • @BlayneB
    There is always problem with watchlist, recommend spreadsheet and do it by your self ;]

  • @Mundek I'll be using spreadsheet soon, my portfolio is still quite small at 13 players so easy to keep track of for now.

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