Lack of historic data available?

  • Quite surprised that you can't get proper reports about index performance on the 'stocks'. For example, being able to see a history on the player on MB and PB wins etc. If I buy Amazon shares, there is a wealth of information available. I've had a look around and found the odd twitter feed producing their own on PB (Football Index AS) . Does anyone know where to go for free historic data on MB?

    I think the player graphs should also go back to when the player entered the index, not just one year. Why don't they show it? Or am I missing something obvious?

  • @Westy speak to @Noirx4 mate. Not free but a lot cheaper than most.

  • @Westy Q- Is there a way of seeing Player stats history?
    A- A few different options.

    Free - Matt’s Stats. A must for everyone, very useful to see how the markets are moving at a glance. Go to Matt’s thread to sign up.

    Free Footy Index Scout. Have the 100% complete history of MB winners along with all PB scores, winners, a fixture planner, numerous filters by name, team, date, season, etc plus a popular free spreadsheet to download to track your portfolio and dividends, in pay dividends, etc - all completely free (previously £5 a month).

    £2 a month (good for mid-sized portfolios) - @Noirx4 has a set back to mid November 2017, has all PB and MB winners, dividends, PB and MB scores over 100 points. Can filter by player, date, position, team etc. Email for a sample. Spreadhseets and tableau

    £5 a month (good for the big guns) FI edge - all winners, PB scores etc.

  • Nice one. Cheers for the tips!

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