Sessegnon to Tottenham

  • I believe Tottenham need a new wingback and they have showed interest in the youngster before, chances they show some late interest in him in this window?

  • Doubt it for this window - Spurs are desperate for striker cover NOW & still refuse to move, even for a short term loan. Longer term very possibly I hold & am willing to be patient because the kid has clearly got a special ability but has struggled with the step up this season but the big boys haven't forgotten him & should Fulham go down the Summer will provide the perfect springboard for a move to a top 6 EPL team or even plausibly a big European CL club.

  • I hold Sessegnon and don't see him leaving in January. Fulham don't need to sell and need all the quality they can get to try and stay up. Will he move in the Summer? Personally I think he will want to whether Fulham stay up or go down.

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