Cheap player opportunities...

  • So as with most people for the most part my portfolio consists of Neymar, Pogba, Salah etc who I see has long term holds but for the reasons of entertainment I'm commiting to spending 5% of overall cash on short to medium term cheap players who's playing circumstances have changed and who now look like their FI value could rise further as a result.
    The thinking behind focusing on the cheaper, lesser known players is I believe the potential opportunities are less hyped so many go unnoticed until the player in question stars making an impact.
    As a recent example..Luis Muriel formally playing for Sevilla but not getting a lot of game time moves to Fiorntina @ 78p (minimal price rise at this stage), he then goes on to score a hatrick in a friendly game over Christmas @ 84p (barely any price rise) he then league debuts for fiorntina scoring twice - he's doubled in price since @ 1.45p.
    The opportunity was the knowledge of his potential but also the knowledge of his situational charge which left the opportunity for profit.
    So I'm thinking if anyone has similar knowledge of a cheap players with similar potential, transfer related, injury related or otherwise we could share the information here.
    It should be seen as a thread where pumping a player is encouraged as long as a solid argument exists to back it up...

  • See the cheap player thread....

    We really need to be able to sticky threads on here becuase there are to many.

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