Virgil Van Dijk

  • I have been watching the price of Van Dijk for a while and it seems his price is slowly but consistently declining. Any thought on why?

    My view is the closer we get to the end of season then he could easily pick up MB dividends for the title race, and if they progress in champions league. I would also say he is the favourite to win player of the year so more MBs there and he'll be involved in the nations league (do these count as PB games BTW?).

    I have no idea how well he scores in PB, but with the high number of clean sheets, possesion, and the potential for the odd goal/assist, I would imagine he doesnt do that badly.

    Can anyone advise whether you think he is a good buy or not? Its pay day next week and I'm thinking of investing!

  • He was one of my first buys, ended up selling him for that reason. I'm staying clear of centre backs.

  • @Weggers83

    Held him for 6 months @250 average price & won 40p in dividends, many judge him the best CB in the world right now & when Liverpool win the EPL he will have a chance at some MB, albeit competing with Salah et al. Is he worth 470? well with a SS coming I think he will still look cheap & any defender PB win counts the same as Mid/For PB so a strong hold for me.

    Many traders will have large profits so any cashing in is understandable but if like me you believe in the FI growth story he could easily double by this time next year so I struggle to see a better value defender to tuck away & forget about.

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