Top 10 rising too hot!

  • Neymar, Pogba, Mbappe, Hazard, Salah, Rashford, etc. are all increasing sharply in the last 3-4 days although there have been no match days (some play cup games, some even dont). Could anyone explain this trend and when will be a slowdown?

  • @Victory The market revalues players in cycles. Big guns right now. Once they look out of kilter to the rest of the market a new cycle will begin. Maybe defenders, maybe young players, maybe la liga players, we never know which will be next to rise. Once new a cycle starts money will come out the last cycle big guns in this case and move to the new targets. They will still be up, the money moving will just be a market retraction, nothing goes up in a striaght line none stop. When this will happen is anybodies guess.

  • @Misto Thanks. FI indeed is all about cycles and when, if you know that you can made a lot of money lol.

  • I might be wrong, but also this week full of paydays! I got paid today and added a few more Rashfords to my portfolio..

  • @tirions Can't speak for others of course. I get paid last day of the month, 31st in the case of this month.

  • Pay days certainly help, the share split being round the corner helps too, and the new traders who have signed up for try January and are seeing decent returns will be putting in larger amounts as their confidence grows in the platform.

    Out of interest, how many new users on the platform have signed up as a result of the adverts in and around Canary Wharf? Potentially financial traders seeing better returns here than in their standard hedge funds, stocks portfolios and ISA's could be putting a fair bit into FI...

  • I joined a few weeks ago - had never heard about Football Index... but was a topic in an off topic forum for another website I use, and it got me interested, so i'd been reading snippets for months pretty confused as to what it was all about. But suddenly talk of a share split becoming the focus of nearly all new posts... and share split is something I do know about. So got me finally interested enough to plough in some cash. Now i'm thinking - does my son really need to go to private school?... do we really need a holiday fund? But so far I've been good and avoided the temptation to put like £20k in.

  • @GregF I work in Canary Wharf, and supposedly FI were going to promote heavily there.....been looking out but cant say I've seen anything apart from posters in the underground

  • @Victory are you Swedish mate ?

  • @Parvez112333 ok, cheers mate

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