Monday IPO Bargain - Black Friday Hangover!

  • After treading through treacle I have found ONE, yes ONE!

    Fresh from Banega smashing 264 (which I hope won't be beaten in the last few minutes) and currently trading at £1.05 his Sevilla and Argentina team-mate Guido Pizarro hits the market at 50p.

    Pizarro has actually bettered Banega's Avg PPG this season running at an impressive 60+ and also weighed in with 2 goals in 7 and now getting 90 mins each game.

    If you're looking for potential, Lorenzo Tonelli has amazing goal scoring stats for a Defender but can't get a game at Napoli and could be off to high flying Chievo on Loan in January.

    Youngster Zivkovic @ Benfica is apparently being eyed up by Utd but Benfica aren't even dropping into the EL so that one really would be purely based on potential transfers.

    Nils Petersen has an incredible strike rate for Freiburg BUT Frieburg are sh*t and his passing stats are pretty dire so you'd be hoping he bags a hat-trick or performs on a quiet day!

    Not saying there's not any decent players on offer tomorrow but IMO only Pizarro stacks up on the Value v PB Stats! Get on him between 10 and 12!

  • @Agatello agree on Pizarro I do like the look of him his passing stats are really good with an average of over 60 PPG but he's also had 7 games completing over 70 Passes with his best game coming against Liverpool where he had 100 passes at a good completion rate. Add into that his decent Strike rate this season and he's a player who could feature quite well in the PB charts. Definitely one to get.

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