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  • 6 matches in the next 30 days so perhaps a good time to look at Zaniolo, Dzeko and Kolarov. Includes a winnable champions league clash.

  • Brian Cristante looks like a hidden gem to me.

    Won PB recently, 23 years old, 4 goals & 3 assists from 13 league starts & now playing 90 minutes week in week out , after a shaky start to his Roma career. 6 caps for Italy & all for £1.56 a future. As people keep mentioning post share split prices, he'll be 39p!

  • @GarethG Do you think he will keep his regular position and is he an attacking midfielder? Already hold Zaniolo but might add this guy and Dzeko. Also Tonali is strongly linked with Roma. Would that affect his position at all?

  • @TeamGB

    In his current vein of form there's no way his place in the team is at risk. Obviously I can't predict the future, but over the last 2 months he's cemented his place & I'd imagine is one of the first names on the team sheet at present. He only joined last summer so hasn't had time to establish himself fully yet.

    Roma currently play with two holding midfielders & Cristante is one of the two. Although he seems to have more of a licence to get forward & is a danger from set-pieces.

    Do some research & I'm sure you'll be very impressed at what you read, particularly at his current price.

  • NAPOLI players are good value also. (Europa league).

    I wish we could sticky stuff on this forum then we could have dedicated threads and it would be so much better to navigate.

  • @GarethG cristante is quality. Roma fans liken his style to frank lampard.

  • @GarethG best way to view players is what their post split price could be!

  • @Finlay77

    If he can develop Lampards scoring ability then I'll be one happy trader

  • @TeamGB roma blog that i like to read was saying dzeko becoming back up due to regression this season, selling schick and buying bellotti. Fans are 50/50 to how true it is due to finances and european qualification

  • @TeamGB
    Hi mate, could you please explain me what apart from that you mentioned him (Zaniolo) plenty time and compere him to Totti/Gerrard is the reason to buy him he??

    I really don't get it, he's £3.74!!
    OK young prospect, compered to above (constantly by you)...and what else he??

    He played around 600+ min only and all of them because Pellegrini was injured, scored only 2 goals... his PB base is 29 , PB max 96 so for attacking midfield (even nxt Totti) is very poor!
    His team mates looks much better and have good PB max and base.
    Cristante won 12p PB, max PB 220+, Pellegrini max PB well cheaper Pellegrini just £2, 1 goal/3assists and £1.50ish Cristante 4goals/3assiats ! Both young 22,23, transfer links to United (Pellegrini) ...

    Don't understand why players like him are at that price or even higher - what is so special about them to pay that kind of money even for long term?? What is the reason for so high price growth?!!
    And please don't tell me that he will double after SS because you bought him before they announced SS.

  • Zaniolo has just started his journey so ignore his PB scores and feast your eyes on his incredible skill...a touch of the Le Tissier

  • @Parvez112333
    YouTube can make anyone looks like very good player :)
    And how I Can ignore PB for player at £3.74 with unknown 'future'!!

  • @Mundek True...but damn he looks good :)
    Zaniolo did get 140PB in his last game which is more than what Vinicius has ever got...but both these stars have just started.
    It does look like Zaniolo has cemented himself in the first XI and he plays CAM....I'm sure he will start to get higher and more consistent PBs

  • @Parvez112333
    But why you call them STARS and why you compere them each other, different players, position and clubs ?

    What they did to call them like that mate ?? Very long way before they will get on that level and not sure if they will get there!!

    Stats are important for me, PB as well mate that why don't see the point because when you look on the market is so many 'stars' cheaper and proven already who can guarante you stability in port for long term compared to them!

    I know that market has changed a lot and know is all about it but we all get to the point that we are paying huge money for a shear of unproven young player who represent only hype, trend etc with hidden 'potencial' witch is not guaranteed that will get out in nxt few years!
    Ppl behind the screens trying to trick others (specially new traders) and making money on that IMO!
    In long term I don't think that will help FI and may cause problems with future growth. Ppl not botter because they making money but the market as a whole will to suffer consequences!

    Anyway on that movie he scored nice goals but apart that is many youngs like him with that skills IMO!

  • I hold both zaniolo and pellegrini and plan to hold long term, but from what I see on Fi is CAM’s tend to have lower pb scores due to them trying more adventurous passes in the final third. So unless they get the gwg they’ll tend to score lower pb then most CM’s

  • I popped a few Kluiverts into my Portfolio, hope he gets a couple of games......

  • Christ I hold kluivert too.... must be the Monchi effect. Some man to spot talent that guy

  • Cengiz Undèr is my Roma man. Injured at the moment but good pb scores and summer transfer likely

  • @Mundek The reason I compared both players is to show that consistent PB/MB scores don't always drive the market, and that the perceived superstars of tomorrow will rapidly rise in value before they start to consistently get good PB scores.

    In general, being a closet mathematician, I utilise various statistical techniques in selecting futures, which works very well.....but sometimes just the eye is required and taking a punt on them has made me as much as robust analytics.

  • @Mundek sorry mate but you don’t know what you’re talking about. His PB was well over 100 last match and he’s constantly improving. He’s 19, will be a regular for Roma as confirmed by the management, is an integral part of the squad, an attacking midfielder, starting to score goals and linked to some big teams around Europe. I don’t know what your issue is with him. And yes I will keep on referring to how great he will be and you can’t stop me. I bought him at £1.70 and currently up 110%. Problem is you didn’t listen did you.

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