Football Index getting about.

  • @Stevo

    And that’s without adding some euro countries

  • Seen newuser260000+ on the forum recently

  • @Gregolocky2018 Hell of all lot of them will be dead accounts and people that signed up but never deposited.

  • Yeah, I still think there are a million or two yet to sign up. I think there will big a big jump this year then it may begin to steady to a point where it ticks over nicely as Misto says. Unless FI announce that they are opening in another country, Spain, Germany or USA would be nice. I suspect they will have their own site though that isn't linked to ours, Sweden, NZ, UK and Ireland. Just wish I had more money to put in but being Mr sensible I still only have in what I am prepared to lose. (profit's from Match Betting ( ) thumbs up emoji )

  • @Misto ahh balls I was getting very excited 😜

  • great to see the obvious growth in FI this month especially. Like @Misto example of seeing an effect in real life - that's always a more powerful indicator than figures and graphs.

    Talking of which though, whilst registered users may now be nudging 250k, active users is much, much lower than that. perhaps something around 20k when there was 200k users.

    as FPL is mentioned - which is a free game with a much higher profile - there's over 6 million teams, but around half have been abandoned.

    still, it has been a time of great growth for FI. It's particularly interesting Misto has had someone with no interest in football asking about the Index. I do wonder how many people are interested in the game dynamics, and how many just for the pretty amazing Capital Appreciation up to this point.

    That's something that will play out in the longer-term though.

  • @Harmonica I've posted before about why I don't think they will have their own Index if FI open in another big country.

    If FI launch a European only Index, I can see massive problems getting traction without our liquidity. At the start of FI it took very little money relative to now, to get a players price to move up or down. Now it takes £1000s with the top players. They can't discount the prices on a new European site, as yeilds would be higher for European players, and I believe those of us that could would pull money from here and move it to the European site. So they would have to launch it with the same prices as the UK site, listed in Euros of course. The next problem to having different indexs is prices will get out of kilter pretty fast because the European Index would have much lower liquidity. For example say Pogba scores a hat trick, money would fly into on the UK site in the £10.000s, people would be ISing other players to get on, and their price would be falling. Meanwhile on the European Index that has just launched Friedrich, Günter and Gabriel buy Pogba as well but his price doesn't move for them because the European Index hasn't got the user base we have. Then we get back to prices being out of kilter again.

  • @Misto Good point well put. (Friedrich, Günter and Gabriel know their stuff)

  • @Misto

    Agree I can’t see how separate sites would work.

  • @Misto yeah I've been asked about it a fair bit. One guy saw that I'm nearly 7% up after a week and wanted to give me £5k to 'make him some money' 😂
    Tempting but obviously I declined as I'm not even sure I have a solid strategy yet

  • @Misto I got my brother to sign up a couple of months ago but he was only buying one or 2 of each player and he's obsessed with accumulator betting so didn't have the patience to wait for his returns.

    I think that may be the problem for a lot of users, they want the reward immediately but can't understand that instead of losing a minimum of 9 times out of 10, put the whole lot into this and pretty busy NEVER lose.

    Have also been tempted to ask for my parents savings to invest. I told them I'd make them way more money than it stagnating in a pointless ISA but they just think it's a game and to be fair I'd be heartbroken if I lost any of their money.

    I guess that shows even with my confidence in the product I still wouldn't want to push anyone too much to use it in case it all backfired.

  • I've been banging on about it with my mates for over a year and none of them took any notice. Once they know other people doing it then I'm sure they will have a dabble in it. The exciting thing is for the casual person most people are only just hearing about it.

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  • @Misto agreed. Therw should be one Index where everyone knows the price and is playing on an level playing field. Having separate Football Index’s would be messy. But what would be the currency? Euro’s or GB£? Having separate curriencies would surely be a nightmare regarding exchange rates.

  • @Misto Convincing others is the new version of pumping 💪🏻 we all want them to be a part of this amazing growth, with a slight hint of wanted our portfolio's to rocket in the process 🤣🤣

  • @Valhalla

    Betfair manage different currencies

  • @Andy-M I don't try to convince others. I've mentioned it and let them to their own research, but not pushing them at all. For all we know, there could be a big crash coming - FI have confirmed no div rises for foreseeable future, which gives me concern for sustainability post-share split.

  • @Hotspur said in Football Index getting about.:

    @Andy-M I don't try to convince others. I've mentioned it and let them to their own research, but not pushing them at all. For all we know, there could be a big crash coming - FI have confirmed no div rises for foreseeable future, which gives me concern for sustainability post-share split.

    I wandered around telling people at a sporting event the other day (due to the event being somewhat slow moving) I had a small crowd by the end. I'm no ranconteur but by the end of my Pogba story, "We laughed, we cried, we made out like bandits" and Ryan Babel to which there was much slapping of heads in disbelief, i thing i'd managed to send off a number of referrals.

    In short it's a compelling story and with a few explanations and caveats even a person with the personality of a boiled potato can pitch this.

  • @Hotspur wasn't meant like that mate, just joking around, when we pump here we're not trying to convince people either, just saying our part and if people are interested then great, if not then FI will continue.

    I wouldn't worry what Mike Bohan says, I promise you that he doesn't know what Adam Cole is going to do in a few months, he only suggests what he knows as of this moment, they won't have a choice about raising the dividends in the future, but it could be a while.

  • @Andy-M yeah, Mike has already contradicted himself this morning - now suggesting a div increase is quite possible. As you say probably best to ignore and carry on 🤷‍♂️

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