Jesus a pound more than Firmino?

  • WHY??????????

  • I know it should be about £3

  • You could make this point about many many players to fair. The market is funny sometimes, there are many many different people around Europe chucking money at this thing, they all hear different rumors and have different opinions, some put their money where others think they should not and vice versa.

  • @NewUser220858 because jesus is a hot prospect for the furure who has the potential to become citys star striker and is getting more an more exciting. where as firmino is a great player but is always going to be in salah’s shadow. Firmino is constantly the same player which is fantastic to show that consistency for your team but makes him less exciting from and fi point of view.
    Thats my opinion other peoples will vary but just feel one is a stand out player and the other isnt

  • Coz it’s the way it works!

    Suarez would be £10 if it wasn’t for messi

    He has salah!

    Buy him, you’ll sell!

  • @Black-wolf hmmmm this where it surprises me ppl don’t look at the data. He is actually in the top ten dividend earners this season. Ppl may find this surprising. He has a dividend yield this season of 46p.
    Eventually this crazy market will plateau- and when that happens capital appreciation will dry up and dividends will be the source of income again. He is only 27 as well. Here are some other players and their total dividends this season:

    Mbappe 23p
    Rashford 31p
    O.Dembele 2p
    Greiezman 32p
    Martial 10p
    Aguero 16p
    De Bruyne 18p
    Sancho 5p
    Sterling 32p
    Lukaku 2p
    Bale 2p

    Without a players dividends we are effectively just swapping very expensive pokemon cards. A lot of new ppl don’t seem to realise what dividends are. Neymar and Pogba are top for a reason.

  • @Black-wolf but I agree that Jesus is a hot prospect for the future. He is certainly knocking at the door to be city’s main striker. 😉👍🏻

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