Rashford vs. Firmino

  • Rashford and Firmino have fairly similar stats - Rashford plays for England and more media friendly - Firmino has a fantastic CL goal scoring record

    Rashford is £11.74 - Firmino is £4.44

    Buy Firmino? Rashford a bit over-bought?

    Any thoughts ...

  • Rashford massively overpriced right now, in my opinion. Even after tonight where Sanchez and Martial score and Lukaku looks like a good striker again... Rashford does nothing and rises more than them all! Firmino not really one for me either though as hard for him to win pb at Liverpool with the players around him, but would honestly rather have my money in Firmino than Rashford at the prices. (I’m no expert though!)

  • @Thatguy Liverpool have a big few months coming up so surely Firminho could be a decent prospect

  • There is another firmino post on the go. I’ll copy paste it to save writing it again. It’s an interesting debate:

    This where it surprises me ppl don’t look at the data. Firmino is actually in the top ten dividend earners this season. Ppl may find this surprising. He has a dividend yield this season of 46p.
    Eventually this crazy market will plateau- and when that happens capital appreciation will dry up and dividends will be the source of income again. He is only 27 as well. Here are some other players and their total dividends this season:

    Mbappe 23p
    Rashford 31p
    O.Dembele 2p
    Greiezman 32p
    Martial 10p
    Aguero 16p
    De Bruyne 18p
    Sancho 5p
    Sterling 32p
    Lukaku 2p
    Bale 2p

    Without a players dividends we are effectively just swapping very expensive pokemon cards. A lot of new ppl don’t seem to realise what dividends are. Neymar and Pogba are top for a reason.

  • I might add I think Rashford has obviously a much higher ceiling potential than Firmino. Being English and playing for United. But Firmino is a quality player.

  • Great stats mate. I’m still waiting (hoping) for a boom in lower priced dividend potential. Mentioned on other threads players like Juan Jordan, 12p divs and 97p. Nobody is buying outside top 50 players right now

  • @Thatguy I know. 😏 This will change. Noobs are giddy on capital appreciation. There some real gems out there. 👍🏻

  • @Valhalla hopefully when this new player/share split boom is done and normality returns.... we’ll be rich men 😃

  • @Thatguy hopefully 😄 but life loves a cheeky kick in the teeth.

  • @Valhalla

    When I first joined FI over 12 months ago, I initially bought the 'fantasy football' players. Got frustrated with my lack of profits & then after reading the forum & getting an understanding for dividend potential etc....... I rearranged my portfolio & doubled my money. I thought I'd cracked it until recently, when my players stopped increasing in value & players like Vinicius Junior were doubling in price overnight.

    So, I've moved with the times & rearranged my portfolio again. I've sold alot of my solid PB prospects that IMO were incredible value for money & I've bought players such as Dembele, Sancho, Matondo, Skipp etc......

    You've got to move with the times & follow the masses.

    You can jump back on the logical buys when the timing is right. But there's no point in being stubborn & watching your money stagnate when it can be working for you elsewhere.

  • It tends to be the steady dividend builders who survive, when the masses get a kick

  • @GarethG 100% agree. Ride that wave. I’ve made a fortune off some this high risers. But that wave won’t always be flowing. You only have to look back to October/November to see how important dividends are when the market is not moving. A lot of the newcomers have not experienced that kind of lull in the market. They don’t give a shit their player returns 2p a year. But I suspect they will when this surge in capital appreciation is over. As alway- a varied portfolio is key. Not just capital appreciation players and not just Pb/Mb players. You need a mix ✌🏻

  • It looks silly how the market is reacting to be honest, but at the same time it's common sense, if everyone is buying a certain player and his price is flying, then probably we're all going to want to be on that rise, then the rise increases and the next tom dick and harry will also want to be on that rise causing even bigger rises, it seems like there are hundreds of new traders daily at the moment and they are just following trend so I honestly believe these rises on non high PB scorers will continue until the amount of new traders slows down, and hopefully that never happens 😁

  • Rashford has more Divs than MBappe and sancho so why not have MBAPPE V Firminhio or Sancho V firminhio debate.

    In the short term firminhio might be a good buy for the title race.... but then most of the buzz goes to Salah, similar with rashford and pogba.

    I think Salah is looking more underpriced by the week.

  • @Tom77 that's why i have Rashford and Pogba .
    And when it comes to Liverpool tbere is only 1 player worth holding imo.

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