Coutinho linked with PSG

  • I see his price has dropped a bit this week. Now with links to PSG do you think his price will rise and would that be a good move for him?

  • @Zidave

    It would probably drop further in my opinion if he went to PSG

  • @Advinculas-Index


    As a midfielder (not up against Neymar or Mbappe for PB) I'd expect him to a PB beast playing in the French League.

  • @GarethG

    You make a good point there to be fair, my opinion is clouded by the fact that he would only Likely ever be able to win in that category (midfield) whilst playing in a side with Neymar,Mbappe and Cavani as well as the lack of MB he would get, not that he gets much now.
    In terms of his PB, when you go past the top 5/6 teams in Spain, is the French league any worse he never really posted consistent high PBs for Barca he might get the odd goal and assist but with everything being centred around Neymar is think his PB potential would not be great.

    Of course there would be a spike in interest in the short term as the transfer goes through

    If he was to come back to the Premier league though..............

  • @Advinculas-Index

    With Neymars recent injury problems (he's actually starting to look a little injury prone to me) Couthino could be second in line for set pieces etc...... at PSG.

    If PSG were to sign him, I'd imagine they'd play him in midfield as oppose to as part of a forward 3, where he's been playing for Barca. Surely they're not looking to replace Neymar or Mbappe on either flank? If I'm right then he should see a lot more of the ball in midfield, which would help boost his PB scores.

    I really rate Couthino & If he shows anything like his Liverpool form, surely he'll tear it up in Ligue 1, which I personally think is significantly weaker than La Liga. Surely PSG's latest 9-0 win is evidence of that?

    All just speculation at the minute anyhow, but if he signs I'll be investing at under a fiver a share.

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