• new to the app so just looking for some advice. the IPO’s I gather are new players introduced for trading? Are these players that are not currently available and introduced to the squad list or are these players that are moved up from squad list into the top 200? They start cheap when they are initially introduced am I correct?

  • they are players who are not in the system at all they are new to market,you need to go to the ipo blog to see release times then bid as fast as you can,then you have to wait to sell for days as they usually are suspended from instant sale to protect the price.

  • okay got you! cheers mate appreciate that! where do i find the IPO blog?

  • @liamh2610 on your trading/start screen top left almost there is a moving square its right under where it says promotions let it move every 30 seconds when it says ipo just click on it.and it moves to ipo blogs or you can find by typing ipo players into your search engine

  • @liamh2610 if you need any indepth help just friend me on facebook and i will go through hot players and all the basics at length,cheers my name is Shaun Lowndes,dont worry im not a scammer just like footy and stuff.

  • what’s your profile picture? ill try find you

  • There's plenty of people on twitter who can help if you have it.


  • yeah i have twitter and have a followed a decent amount of news pages and index players. only concern on there would be people who are already investing, would potentially be looking to give advice so that their own investments rise in price? suppose anyone could be like that though really couldn’t they

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