Alex Oxlade Chamberlain

  • I'm 5 days into my FI journey, and am slowly starting to get to grips with how things work....still quite a bit to learn though!

    AOC was my first purchase, and he seems to be doing pretty well. I don't hear much about him on the forums though, and was wandering if I'm missing something? I bought him as he's English, getting close to coming back from a long term injury and should also get some media attention over the next few weeks. Pus, he was so important for Liverpool from November 2017 to when he got injured in April. He's steadily risen from 3.42 - 3.66 since I bought him.

    There's o reason i can see to sell. But being new, wanted to see the view of more experienced FI'ers!

  • @S42Rob He may be getting an injury prone reputation, as may KDB now with recent setbacks

  • I dont think people realise how serious his injury was, not just one ligament but all of them broke in is knee. There are a lot of factors involved it takes players a long time to overcome fear and gain real match fitness after a bad injury and some never regain their previous form.
    His price will tank as soon as he gets on the pitch. People have invested in the ‘return to squad gain’ but a newbie wont get it and wonder why his price drops when he completed a game.

  • Yeah, it was a major injury and I wasn't expecting him to return until next season really.

    Good to know his price would drop when he plays his first game back. I'd never considered that, so might change tactics with him, and potentially look at selling as close to his return as possible.

  • He was priced about 2 quid then suffered a horrific injury. Since then his price has gone through the roof.

    There is no guarantee he will be the same player and definitely no guarantee he will be first choice when he comes back. For me , he looks very overpriced now. Market works in funny ways though.

  • @Tom77 shaw and ramsey come to mind about the fear factor.

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