Youssef Poulsen

  • Just dropped 6 points 10 mins after the game. I watched the game, he did absolutely nothing to warrant the drop. Anyone have a clue why?

  • And has now regained 3 points. What’s with this? His share price has dropped 5p since full time in anticipation of him not winning PB.

  • he is currently top forward on PB

  • PSG play tonight anyway … PB Mbappe/Cavani for FWD, Alves playing CM could do it for DFD

  • He has a score of 205. Made him top forward. He dropped to 199. 10 mins after the game had ended for now reason, then he regained 3 and back upto 202 and top forward 20 mins after full time.

    My question was if anyone knew why this happened. Having watched the game he did nothing to warrant a drop at the time.

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