Anthony Martial

  • Has dropped quite a bit over the weekend, only reason I can think of is Lukaku having a decent game on Friday. He was and still is one of my more confident long term holds, What's everyone's opinion on him? He could even look cheap compared to other young players after his price drop.

  • He's one that I'm gonna invest in when I make my next deposit. Hopefully pre SS. I can see him and Rashford being a big part of United's future whether it's OSG or Poch in charge

  • A lot of the big drops this weekend make little sense to me - Martial, Griezmann, Paqueta etc. It all smacks of sheer impatience.

  • Perhaps a slight doubt over the return of Sanchez, and the ok display by Lukaku. I think OGS will lineup with Martial and Rashford again so I expect Martial to hit near £8, or at least back to £7.80 at some point this week.

  • How high can he go? When just to be the best MB & PB scorer in his own team, he's got to get past Rashford (for PB) & Pogba (for MB). Not to mention Sanchez & Lingard who attact a decent amount of media interest themselves.

    The whole Man Utd team has risen in price at a phenomenal rate. It has to slow down & correct slightly at some stage.

  • @GarethG since when was Rashford a PB monster?

  • @Hotspur

    To be fair neither are PB monster's, but both are young & improving. However I would say Rashford seems more of a focal point within the team just now.

    The point I was trying to make is that you can't blindly expect the whole of the Man Utd team to keep rising in value. Some logic has to be applied too.

  • @Hotspur don't don't why Griezmann dropped so much.

  • @Hotspur Paqueta dropped cos he's crap, and playing in a team that are even crapper.

  • Martial still has fa cup, champions league and fight for 4th, still legs for growth at the moment, he is a game changer on his day.
    Start thinking about the opportunities for buzz and who is in the competitions still.

  • I hold a few of martial and I've seen him drop over the last few days and considered selling too. Man utd fixtures for the next few games are Burnley, Leicester and Fulham, as well as the champions league with PSG where I imagine he'll want to play well to make sure they're interested in him in future. Therefore I'm holding on, and may even top up a few to be honest.

  • Iv'e brought this back to the top any idea why he's been falling all week he's been in freefall.

  • @NewUser61553 probably just because of the minor injury. Should be available at the weekend and will gain again.

  • He was on the bench for the FA Cup game (I know, not a valid game) and wasn't even in the squad for the Burnley game. That's one reason.

    Noticed following the Burnley draw the prices for both Pogba and Rashford took a tiny hit too, so that may have something to do with it.

    I expect he'll be on the rise again as soon as the new contract is officially signed and he's back in the team.

  • Anthony Martial has just signed a new 5 year contract

  • @Andy-M said in Anthony Martial:

    Anthony Martial has just signed a new 5 year contract

    Martial and rash are going to be awesome for united

  • Martial back, but only on the bench today, probably smart decision but hope he comes on and makes some noise

  • @Andy-M said in Anthony Martial:

    @Hotspur Paqueta dropped cos he's crap, and playing in a team that are even crapper.

    Hmm, not sure about that. Though AC Milan are shiiiiite, i don't hold Paqueta but i think there's promise there.

    Martial is not consistent enough but then being in and out of the team will do that. I think OGS backs him though.

  • OGS does seem to back him yeah, and with the new 5 year deal signed and sealed I think his confidence will be sky high. I'll be amazed if we don't see him coming off the bench this afternoon, and going forward I still expect OGS to pick Rashford, Martial and Lingard as his first choice front 3. A long run in the team will do him and Rashford an absolute world of good.

    In FI terms, I personally think Martial is a little over priced at just under £8, considering he is in-and-out of the side and has been for quite a while, and doesn't consistently perform when he does play. However, I can understand why his price is where it is given his recent run of goals, and his potential growth/improvement as a player.

  • @Ellisandro I'm guessing it's more cautious decision than preferred decision, too many important games approaching to risk with slight knock.

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