Harry Winks

  • What’s your thoughts on Harry Winks? I have a few shares as his price is relatively low but his value is up and down all the while,is it worth sticking as I do think he will only get better ?

  • heard a Spurs fan on Talksport the other night who made me laugh saying he "hates that tappy tappy sideways crap that Winks does"... I think there's more to Winks then that but he's a player that does the basics well, works hard and gets stuck in which in FI terms, Fantasy Football terms and for glamour purposes is not always the most exciting to the general public which might have an effect on his price?

    He could be the next Michael Carrick... If so would Carrick at his peak been a £5 FI hold? He could be the next Ryan Mason
    and end up somewhere like Hull? If he doesn't leave Spurs he won't create much buzz because of the style of football he plays.. If he one day gets a bigger move he'll no doubt surge in value... But he needs to add goals to his game if he's going to be one regularly purchased by investors in my opinion?

  • What you say makes sense, I think he’s decent but I’m not sure if he will go on to be big on FI, thanks for the advice.

  • If he can match Eric Dier as a Spurs and England regular then logic suggests he’ll be hitting the heights of 76p in no time 😁

  • I made a bit on him recently, bought on a dip, sold when he got that GWG against Fulham made 20p per future from that. Originally I had him down as a long term hold as with the thought that he will start breaking into the England squad and be England's central midfield for years to come. But then watching him play more, keeping it simple is what he does best, plus he has a high work rate. And in FI that doesn't get you £££. Plus as other guy said look at Dier, Henderson, and their value now and I do think he fits a similar mould than a Foden type of player.

    If he was 18, I could imagine his price being double now with the whole young English player hype. But looking at the FI market now, the 3/4 highest price central midfielders; Pogba, De Bruyne, Thiago, Kroos. If you think Winks will be anything like those players within 3 years, by all means hold as they are all MB or PB players but he rises and falls too frequently and that doesn't attract me.

    I might consider re-buying post-split but can't imagine holding him for long after that.

  • @Aaron-Fern on my list post split, certainly has more for development and if he can add 5-8 goals a season, he could be useful option for short-medium term.

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