• @Chris-J Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. I think I'll hold on for another 48 hours and see what unfolds!

  • @dannypea said in Perisic?:

    I have a strict policy (perhaps too strict ) with one exception.. Lionel Messi where i don't punt on anyone over 30.... Perisic is 30 in Feb and a little too close to my cut off which is the 'only' reason I won't invest although i really want to... because everything else about him suggests that he's a good buy... a) a he's a world class footballer currently in a PB league b) a proven dividend earning hold and c) transfer speculating buzz providing looking to be heading out of the Inter door whether Arsenal want him or not...

    This could be a great time to buy Perisic in my opinion as he looks to have bottomed out for now... BUT... China is also a worrying possibility?

    This is a really interesting way of thinking, it's definitely something I will look into adopting! Thanks Danny! I'm always open to learning new tips and ways of working!

  • Yea when a player's preferred move doesn't go to plan the China clubs tend to offer big money and try and hijack the deal - I believe this is what happened with Arnautovic where his agent was using the media to link him to United/Chelsea etc but the only serious offers to come in were from China.

    Perisic seems quite ambitious - I don't think he will go to a non-PB league (not just yet anyway) but the risk is always there when a transfer starts to stall.

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    great value curre

    Yeh i think he's clearly said he wants to experience the premier would be odd to opt for the China graveyard. I think Spuds or someone like Everton/Westham... would be a bit of a weird one for the Gooners as he wont be a long term solution and Nelson could do the role next season. Think Arsenal only wanted a loan.

  • I would say he's top six material and would improve most of the teams Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, United, perhaps less so Liverpool or Man City... Strong, physical, adds steel and pace he would be an asset to the EPL and 'IF' he does move to England his current price now in a couple of months might look like a bargain!!!

    Not had a great season compared to his last two which has effected his price perhaps but with his head turned my worry is if he doesn't leave will he get a fair run in the team with Spalletti already stating that he can go? Inter played 3-5-2 in their last match against Torino and Perisic was sub unused.. saving grace perhaps was that they did get beat?

  • I so wish I sold on Sunday. haha. Now thinking, do I go in for another 10 or 20 futures in him? Decisions, decisions.

  • If he wants a move to the prem he will have to perform rest of season so PB potential. Then transfer MB potential in summer should see his price go back up...just might be a long wait.

  • @Big_Matt said in Perisic?:

    I so wish I sold on Sunday. haha. Now thinking, do I go in for another 10 or 20 futures in him? Decisions, decisions.

    This is my current predicament! I think on this one it's got to be about the long game, I think Westy has it right in the fact that the Transfer MB in the summer will have potential so it might be worth the wait

  • @TobyV43 Maybe or is it at case that because of his age, nobody is going to go in for him. Arsenal were keen as short term cover to get them to the Summer where they've then got a budget to buy real improvements, long term investments. Perisic has maybe 2 really good years left in him. 3 at a push. Who's going to go and spank £30million on a player for 2 or 3 years when they could spend £50mil on a player for the next 10? A player which will have resale value. If Perisic moves in the next window, any buyer will not recoup or profit from a resale.

  • I am making a huge loss because of Perisic, hopefully a big clubs signs him!!!

  • @Westy said in Perisic?:

    @Chris-J said in Perisic?:

    great value curre

    I also have him and have seen his price plummet!! Am I correct in thinking (after the first 30 days) the only thing that will take his price up is other people buying him?

  • @NewUser263918 said in Perisic?:

    I am making a huge loss because of Perisic, hopefully a big clubs signs him!!!

    Keep him until the summer it will start again.

  • @NewUser262835 The only thing that ever changes prices is people buying and selling. He's valid for in-play dividends (goals and assists) for 30 days from purchase and he can still win match day dividends (performance buzz) for the rest of the season playing for Inter if he doesn't transfer. If he does win performance dividends his price will probably rise, but that will be because of traders buying him (or removing shares from the sell queue).

  • @Tom77 the guy is too talented, big clubs should be after him.

  • Is there a bottom to this collapse of Perisic's price? I've lost over £7 off 10 shares. Down 76p a share on my buy price.

  • He's contracted until 2022 so don't worry, the transfer buzz will almost certainly be back again in the summer! You'll be okay! Hold onto him now, don't let the drop put you off and play the long game :) Good luck!

  • I don't hold but i'd recommend anyone who has made a loss to keep hold of him - he is criminally undervalued currently.

    A failed January transfer shouldn't cause a crash of this magnitude given he is still in a top team in a Serie A & Europa League.

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