Wednesday IPO Bargains

  • Sorry to disappoint but couldn't find any value in any players for tomorrow.

    There's a few decent players, Toljan linked with a big move from Dortmund, Perez knocking them in Deportivo, Zapata doing similar for Sampdoria but honestly think they're all overpriced or have no fat in their potential.

  • @Agatello agree there's some decent players on tomorrow but I'm not buying at those prices. The only player who I will be picking up is Correa I think he's a very good young player and I think as soon as Griezmann goes he'll get more opportunities and his price will jump up.

  • @MrFrenchTickler Don't even think Correa is good value personally and sure Griezmann will be on his way out but Dirty Diego is on his way in.

  • @Hybrid well I'm thinking he will either get more games or request a move. He was apparently close to leaving in the summer over a lack of minutes but decided to stay so there's a good chance he'll move on in the summer if that continues so I'm hoping something will happen there.

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