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    Watch this guy , the new Mo Salah

  • @NewUser243332 said in Kahraba πŸ‘€:

    Watch this guy , the new Mo Salah

    He's 24yo... shouldnt he be at a bigger club than Zamalek by now?

    EDIT: Just seen he's been 26p for months. Then he spiked to 38p over the last few days. He's now 24p, which means you've almost certainly sold whatever few hundred shares you'd scraped together before posting this. A classic pump and dump of a fundamentally useless asset. Be ashamed.

  • @playingcards1 I’m guessing he’s the other way. Got them at the top of the pump, missed the dump and is now 15p a future down on a useless asset and is searching for a few idiots to save him!

    (We may have egg on our face when he signs for Liverpool and is scoring 30 goals a season)

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