Suspended trading....

  • Is anyone else having issues buying shares/futures in everyone? Since yesterday every single player I’ve attempted to purchase shares in has resulted in ‘suspended’.

  • Your account is suspended. You probably need to verify your identity. They've suspended lots of accounts recently. Contact customer service.

  • @NewUser262304

    Q-My account has been suspended for ID checks. Is this normal, and how long will my account verification take?
    A- All betting and gaming operators licensed by the Gambling Commission have the same responsibility to conduct Know Your Customer checks. This as part of age, identity and funds verification checks.

    Football Index will attempt to electronically verify your account where possible. If you do not pass this process Football Index will ask that you send them copies of certain documents (see below). Adding more and more funds can also eventually trigger a check.

    Common reasons for failing the verification process include:
    Entering incorrect name or an abbreviated version during registration;
    Entering a house number and/or postcode incorrect during registration;
    Entering an incorrect Date of Birth during registration;
    Recent changes of address;
    Residence in temporary, rented accommodation such as University Halls of Residence or HM Forces Barracks.

    If Football Index are unable to verify you they will ask you to send a photocopy / scan of one document from each of the categories listed below:

    Personal Identification - one Photo ID from the following list:
    Driving Licence (UK only)
    National Identification Card (UK only, photographic)

    Address Verification - one of the following (non-electronic):
    Utility Bill (less than 3 months old)
    Copy of Bank Statement - (less than 3 months old)

    It's then usually within 24-48 hours to bring your account back online once you have sent in your details.

    It can be frustrating with know your customer checks, but it something they are required to do by law.

    Q- I need help that I can’t find on the forum, How do I get hold of Football Index?

    0800 066 2650
    MON - FRI 8:30 a.m. - 8 p.m.
    SAT/SUN 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.


  • @Misto

    Much more informative than my response! Good stuff Misto.

  • Are fi not informing people of their account suspensions? Im seeing a lot of people confused by this i think a notification on the app or website would work a lot better than an email as i find all my fi emails always get sent to the junk folder

  • @Black-wolf When mine was suspended when I first joined 2 weeks ago there was a small pop up that appeared, only AFTER pressing the Buy button on a trade, that said something along the lines of "Your account has been temporarily suspended. Please contact customer services" and gave the CS email address. That's it. No specific reason.

    However, Customer Services were great tbh, sorted within a matter of a few hours. It was because the first 6 and last 4 numbers on my card were the same as someone else's already on the system, so flagged as a security warning that their accounts department had to clear.

  • @NewUser262304 same thing happened me the other day and only got it sorted today.
    Send in documents to verify account, utility bill and photo I.d via email and then ring customer service 0800 number and that should sort it. Good luck

  • Thankfully i never experienced this problem was just concerned at how many new members may have less faith in the platform because of this. Good to hear you do actually get well informed of this and its more down to people not reading the notification properly

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