• What are people’s views in jumping on Neymar before the SS announcement? I’ve got a decent stake in him currently but am thinking about adding more with the price he is atm.

  • A set back in recovery will cause another it's about how much you believe he will be back in 10 weeks. Possible both club and country are rushing him through the rehab a bit.

  • I would say with Neymar just ignore the price he is at the moment and look at the portion of your portfolio he is and make a decision from there.

    hes currently 12% of my portfolio (in terms of money tied up) which is a lot so no matter what his price goes to I'm not going to be getting anymore as I dont want that risk.

  • @NewUser256975

    Neymar bottomed out at around £19.60 and is on the rise already. Probably not too late to jump on though - he'll break back through £20 soon enough.

    As I explained in a different thread, players tend to drop in price when they get injured and then drop again when the length of injury is announced (if they're out for more than a couple of weeks). After that, their price starts increasing steadily.

    Anyone who thinks "why bother buying now, when I can buy in a month or two" will probably find that they've missed the boat by the time that they check again.

    Don't be surprised if Neymar hits an all time high price a week or so before he returns from injury.

  • Just topped up on a few more myself, heading to £20 again.

  • I was always going to buy in to Neymar when I made my post-payday deposit.

    Got in earlier today at £19.84 and he's already £19.91.

  • Neymar this Neymar that blah blah blah. 😴😴

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