Mo Salah - Next Few Months

  • Just looking at players towards the top of the market with potential for even further rises. In particular with the share split and the season end approaching.

    Mo Salah. £14.32

    Has been static for a while after a recent rise. Not in the best form at present but a couple of thoughts below.

    Liverpool looking good and top of EPL. Playing well, scoring goals and favourites (?) for the title. Plenty of media coverage approaching.

    Latter stages of the ECL. PB eligibility and also media coverage. Stories about last year's final in the back of people's minds. Hopefully a Ramos showdown.

    African Cup of Nations. Egypt will surely be one of the favourites? And Salah their star man. Not a huge amount of PL stars playing in the tournament so I'd imagine the media focus will be on him.

    Egypt hosting the tournament adds extra interest and very likely to reach latter stages.

    Potential for FI to add the tournament as PB eligible to brighten an otherwise quiet summer on the index.

    Transfer spec in the summer if Liverpool finish the season with nothing.

    Possibility for injury considering all of the matches he will be involved in?

    Share split. 10 x to £1.40 would be very appealing. Platform very likely to grow after the split.

    Continued speculation about diving.


  • Can't really go to far wrong with Mo, bubbles along with a reasonable dividend yield and then has the potential to explode whenever Liverpool are challenging for honours. Very safe in my opinion.

  • Static for a while??

    He was just over 10 quid 2 months ago. He has gone up 60 odd p in the last week,

    Cant argue with your other logic though.

  • IF Liverpool win the title it will be their first premier league ever, Salah will get the headlines and it will be liverpool media nuts.
    Also Egypt host the ACON , salah could well be getting buzz for days on end.
    I brought him for those two reasons and a run in the champions league.

  • All reasons why I hold him - He just keeps looking better value every time Mbappe & Rashford rise.

    I'd also recommend Van Dijk for Liverpools title challenge media buzz - should be plenty of articles on how he has been the last piece of the jigsaw etc.

  • @Chris-J what about Alisson if mb is opened up to everyone? Single name and all

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