Football Index Are Hiring

  • Customer Support Advisor - FIXED TERM CONTRACT
    Fame Ventures Ltd - London
    £20,000 a year

    Job Summary

    Football INDEX is one of the most exciting new businesses in the football and gaming industries today, having established a Tradable Market in Football by issuing Virtual Shares in the World’s Top Players.

    Excellent opportunity for a customer-focused individual to join an exciting gaming business as a Customer Support Agent in our London based office.

    We are looking for a positive and adaptive individual who loves helping and speaking to customers, can learn quickly and has impeccable attention to detail, preferably with an interest in Football and/or passion for sport.


    Providing day-to-day customer support, resolving queries and issues via phone, email & live chat
    Investigate and resolve customer complaints quickly and patiently
    Responding to customers in a timely, empathetic and transparent way
    Maintain thorough and accurate customer records
    Assist the Compliance department with customer security checks, including account verification and due diligence checks.
    Liaising with the other teams to ensure that developers and designers are aware of any challenges customers face when using Football INDEX
    Outbound calls (no cold calling)
    Gathering feedback from customers about their experience and how the product can be made better

    Strong values for teamwork and customer service – loves helping people and is naturally solutions-oriented
    Confident telephone manner, professionalism and a strong focus on delivering excellent customer service.
    Strong written and verbal communication skills - can explain complex information in a simple and easy to understand way
    Strong attention to detail – can identify and analyse trends in customer feedback
    Ability to learn new technology/system/applications quickly
    Intermediate Excel skills
    Good knowledge of the world’s top football leagues and players
    Must be available to work evenings, weekends and bank holidays.
    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: £20,000.00 /year

  • good luck on £20k a year in london

  • Nice to see. I think Mike said they have hired 10 people so far. Only thing I can't work out. Why on fixed term contracts. Are they planning a slow down at some point?

  • @Misto Good to see support network improve. Probably they want to see how it goes and they have flexibility to change team size a year later. I do believe they will need alot more workers as FI only growing from strength to strength

  • Camera man and sound man by any chance?

  • @Misto they should be hiring you

  • @Black-wolf I wouldn't move to London for 20k

  • @Black-wolf said in Football Index Are Hiring:

    @Misto they should be hiring you

    He could earn that a year on hear as a hobby 🤣

  • Btw
    Whoever did decide to take a job with FI would have to stop trading in the platform itself.

  • @Misto i didnt mean that particular job for that wage. It would have to be a boat load though id suspect as you would need to stop using fi if you worked for them. We know how addicted we all are 🙂

  • @Misto Ah, that may explain all the unanswered messages and delays from CS. Someone's left or maybe they're obviously more busy now. with new trader queries

  • £20k in London... good luck with that. That's a straight out of uni salary, and basically enough to live on. I hope there's a bonus scheme (or at least some free Neymars thrown in).

  • My bird lives in Pimlico could move in with her for free and apply but I hated living in London spending time to much time in traffic with Battersea park being the only highlight

  • 20k to whack out a few emails and be polite on the phone with the ability to make good on what you say to your customers ??!! Snap me arm off !!!!

  • @Mazza-magic lived in Pimlico most of my life. Can assure you that 20k would get you a decent Oyster card and selling the car would be a meal a day for a few weeks! No point being on four wheels round here unless you have time to kill.

  • @Lukeroro nah I’m a country bloke It’s ok go there at the week end apart from that I like the easy life in the countryside

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