Football Index - a taboo?

  • I've been on the platform for around 2 years and absolutely love it.
    Although I've made frequent deposits and now have a substantial amount invested with a high increase of profit from my portfolio I'm starting to feel slightly gutted I didn't introduce friends and family into the movement sooner.
    The issue I would have had though is my parents wouldn't have approved of it (put it in the bank where it's safe), my friends who Ive told have still not invested.
    A part of me wants to show my mrs and family and get them to be apart of it as I still believe theres a lot more growth in the market but at the same time I'm worried they won't approve if they ever see my portfolio. I suppose it could still be seen as a form of gambling.
    Anyone have any thoughts on this, especially should u spout off how great it is with these loved ones then losing money.

  • @NewUser67492 yeah I've not told my family. I used to have a bit of a problem with regular betting so I think they'd worry this is along similar lines. It's completely different to me, it's teaching me to be patient and appreciate value

  • @NewUser67492 what ever you do, don't show the Mrs - she will have it spent on handbags, shoes & cusions before you know it!

  • I told my Mrs and the response was "this isn't fair, you always make loads of money. why cant I have one, can you make me one"

    I told her if she wants to free up some money I would advise her who to buy with the view to sit on it and not trade but she is yet to take up the offer

  • My Mrs just glares at me whenever I mention FI. The fact that she has no savings, no pension and no plans doesn't seem to worry her. Got plenty of shoes and handbags though....maybe we can retire to Spain and open a market stall selling "quality" clothing and accessories....oh the dream...

  • My girlfriend is very skeptical... but my payouts are going towards our epic summer holiday I'm planning, so I'm sure she will come round eventually.

    Out of interest, are there any ladies on the forum? The meet last night brought home to me just how male dominated this whole thing is.

  • @kristiang85 Isn't just that football in general anyway. So no real surprise.

  • @kristiang85 I really feel women are less inclined to gamble, its not just FI its most forms of betting, maybe its a cultural thing and women are just now beginning to become involved. It would be nice for any women on here to give us their ideas. My post was actually a very true reflection of my own situation.

  • @NewUser67492 I don’t tell my wife about it or anyone in the family. I’m in profit which is great but at the end of the day it is gambling. My wife would absolutely not approve and therefore I’m not going to damage our relationship by telling her. If I was losing on accas though I would feel much worse.

  • Love my missus, she just lets me crack on with what ever I've got going on.

  • @NewUser67492 is this why you still go under the alias as just another new user with a number and hide your real name to the world so that nobody (including those closest and dearest) captures the real you???

  • @dannypea

    I hear that the real Advincula is heading for a divorce after she. saw my username on here

  • My partner knows and is very supportive because she trusts me.

    Just as well really as I've chucked some money in from our joint savings.

  • I tried to tell my ‘businessman friend ‘’ about it and he is just convinced its a pyramid scheme.

  • I tried talking to my g/f about it when I was seriously considering joining FI over Xmas.

    She just looked back at me after 5 minutes or so, confused look on her face, and said "It's your money, spend it wherever you want babe. Just don't sulk about it if you lose".

  • my mrs doesn't give a f*ck!!! i've had them who say "it's a con" but generally (i come from a relative football/business background) a lot of my friends like the idea of a 'football stockmarket'... the only nonconstructive feedback i've really had is that "you have to put loads down" to make a return so those who i've targeted (ie serial gamblers at £100+ a time) have never been bothered! That said i keep reminding them with my annual returns everytime they win a bet!!!

  • @dannypea I have had similar feedback from the acca brigade -

    Surely if their traditional betting is as succesful as they claim then they already have loads of money to put down?

  • @Chris-J I think the 'instant' win thing is still a factor in getting their heads turned... My friends invested hundreds to earn pounds in weeks on here and lost interest... where they want to invest a tenner to win hundreds... or a hundred to win fifty overnight by betting... That culture will change i think the more they lose... I for one have had about a tenner this year betting and that's it... People need to look at the bigger picture and longer term aim to take FI seriously... perhaps the old acca betting weekend tipster isn't always the target market but instead target those already playing the stock markets who love football?

  • I've convinced various family members to sign up by recommending an initial deposit of just £10 or £20. Remember they'll also get an extra tenner with the referral code as well, which is quite persuasive.

    Some have made a few quid and cashed out, but others have really got into it. I think the "start small" advice is really important. Just get the initial exposure to the platform sorted as that's the hardest step.

  • Misread this thread title and thought it was about Football Index Tatoos - now there’s an idea!

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