Aston Villa

  • Any thoughts on them as a club and their prospects for next season? Promotion chances?

    Grealish and Abraham are the obvious attractions for me. Tuanzebe also. I can see Abraham in the EPL next season without a doubt. Grealish looks a risk at £2.44 for a mid table Championship player.

    Currently mid table but surely underachieving? Any thoughts on their chances for promotion. Would you invest?

  • Abraham is gonna be super cheap and will fly in summer (disclaimer: I have shares in him)

  • I hold Grealish as i think he will become a decent Premier league player next season either with villa or more likely via a transfer

  • @Advinculas-Index Villa had there chance to come to the Prem last year.

  • @Misto
    Agreed, but i think Grealish will end up in the prem regardless

  • @Advinculas-Index Yep. Daniel Levy was trying to take advantage Villa's financial situation at the start of this system by low balling them for Grealish, and it almost worked. If not next season the season after he will be in the Prem.

  • @Misto
    I woudnt be surprised if part of the deal when he signed the new contract was that Grealish would agree to stay for another year with Villa and then they wouldn't stand in their way if an offer comes in. He signed a new contract but all that will do is help villa get the decent transfer fee when the bids come in over the summer.

    He looks comfortably like a premier league player when played in the correct position and he is 23 now so he wont be prepared to wait much longer kicking his heels in a mid table championship club.

    I think next season is make or break for him.

  • Don't see them going up to be honest. But stranger things have happened.

    Interested by Guilbert who they just signed from Caen. They've loaned him back for the season but he's won PB dividends a couple of times last season. For the record I don't currently own any of him.

    Available at 57p.

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