• Just a short one....use this website as much as possible, especially in-play, the stats are amazing !!

  • @AndyP32 will do

  • Agree WhoScored is a good site. And watching a game in-play is a step up from Teletext (these things are relative ;-) )

    IIRC it got announced yesterday that FI are going to be running ads soon on WhoScored - can't come soon enough as some of the ads on WhoScored at the moment are horrendous!

    And IMO it would be good if FI could run their PB scores off WhoScored's publicly available in-game stats. Think I'm right in saying that at the moment FI use Opta stats but AFAIK they're not freely available and that leads to a lack of transparency as to how FI's PB scores are calculated

    FWIW I also think FI's PB metrics should be revised to make it more likely that the best performers on any gameday win. At the moment there can be some strange PB winners (like Trippier when he didn't clean sheet, score, assist, win the game, etc but won the Def PB for (as far as I could work out) sending in loads and loads of crosses most of which missed the target )

  • @Dave-C Dont you lose points for a missed cross?

  • @NewUser66152

    Good question. I think crosses are 3 points each. I think misplaced passes are -3. But does a misplaced cross count as a misplaced pass? Who knows

  • Whoscored is quite a good tool for in depth stats but on match days i like livescore.com

  • Football Index adds have started appearing on WhoScored.com

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