Advincula conundrum

  • Can anyone explain why he is only 35p.

    I don’t understand it.

    I know he isn’t the youngest greatest player in the world, but he plays every game, has a chance of the (very) odd goal and a few assist.

    Plays in a PB league in a team that will lose, but will win!

    He gets a lot of forum publicity!

    I’m not expecting £5
    But why isn’t he, maybe 75p

  • Agree - should be around 60p at least.

    Crazy thing is he will drop even lower if he doesn’t win PB tomorrow.

  • There were some links to Turkey a few weeks back which didn’t do him any favours.

  • @Chris-J it was Christmas, we were all linked to turkey 🍗

  • What can i say?

    Im a cheap date

  • @Advinculas-Index said in Advincula conundrum:

    What can i say?

    Im a cheap date

    That’s what all the boys say, it’s nothing to be proud of

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